The past few days in Vegas have been a blast!  Wednesday night we went to the LA Comedy Club at the Windows Theatre in Bally’s and the show was hysterical!  There were three different comedians, and all had us laughing until our sides hurt!  The only name I remember (sorry guys), was the headliner Butch Bradley, whose stand-up was our favorite.  It was really a great time.

After the show, John and I walked along the strip for a bit and were able to catch one of Treasure Island’s nightly shows, The Legend of T.I!  It was really awesome and the best part was that it’s free!  The 20-minute show was really fun to watch and afterwards, we decided to grab a late dinner (very late, it was after midnight!) at a really delicious Chinese place at the Venetian.  It was too late at night for me to remember to take note of its name, but I did remember to take a picture of our yummy food!  After dinner, John and I headed to New York New York to finish off the night at the casino.

Yesterday, (Thursday), John and I had an extremely lazy morning and didn’t even leave our hotel room until about 3 pm for some food (we were able to sustain ourselves in the morning with some chips and an apple, haha).  After lunch, we went shopping for a button-up shirt for John because when we were originally packing and vacuuming up all of our clothes, we forgot to leave out a collared shirt for him!  We successfully found two nice shirts so it was a fruitful shopping trip at Ross, our first time experiencing that store.  (For those of you that don’t know, it’s like a regional TJ Max.)

After our little shopping excursion, John and I got ready for our dinner at the Hofbrauhaus, an awesome German restaurant.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but John was super excited because he has been to the Hofbrauhaus in Germany.  He was pleasantly surprised that the restaurant food, beer, and entertainment were similar to the original location, and I was pumped because I had no expectations and ended up having a blast!  All the tables in the restaurant were similar to long picnic tables, and everyone sits together!  We were seated next to an elderly couple that was super friendly, but finishing up with their dinner when we arrived, so they left not too long after we sat down.  There was live music and everyone was singing along and lifting up their sloshing beers to the drinking songs!  It was so fun!

We started off our meal with a GIGANTIC pretzel!  I wanted you to all be able to see how large the pretzel was, so look at the picture of the half-eaten pretzel compared to the size of my head!  After our filling appetizer, I got Sauerbraten, which is marinated “Pot Roast Bavarian Style” with Red Wine, Vegetable Strips, Spätzle, (a special German Noodle), and Red Cabbage.  John ordered Schnitzel Wiener Art, which is Classic Breaded Pork Cutlet served crisp and Golden Brown, with Cranberries and homemade Bavarian Potato Salad.  The food was absolutely delicious and the live music so pleasurable and fun.  Overall an amazing experience!

Once we finished up dinner, John and I headed to Peepshow, which my aunt (many of you have met her, my Nouna, Melina, she’s awesome), and Jeff, the manager at Blu Salon (my aunt’s salon) where I used to work, were able to get us tickets to Peepshow at Planet Hollywood, because Coco goes to my aunt’s salon! (Sorry, that was a very confusing sentence.  Basically Nouna (Melina) and Jeff asked Coco for tickets, THANKS GUYS!! :)

Anyways, the show was AWESOME!  We were in the front row right behind VIP (THANKS COCO!), and the show was great!  It was fairy tale themed and had such a creative, fun storyline.  Not only were there girls in the show, there were men too (wooo, haha).  It was also not what I was expecting, I was assuming it would be a traditional “peep show”, but everyone in the show was extremely talented and overall I thought the performance was very classy!  Some were gymnasts, others were singers; there were amazing props, costumes, and scenes.  It was really great!!  I would see the show again in a heartbeat and if you are in Vegas in the next few months while Coco is in the show, you should go too.

After the show, I asked if we could thank Coco for the tickets, and they let us!  She recognized me from when I used to work at the salon, and, as always, she was so friendly and sweet! She took a picture with us, too!

Once we thanked Coco, we played a few games at the Casino, and I finally didn’t end up losing!  I won $5!!!  Woooo hooooo!  It felt good not leaving the casino with less money than I had arrived with!

Today John and I spent the day at the pool and got a little tan.  It’s been a little chilly in Las Vegas until today, and it was finally a warm enough temperature to sit in the sun at a lovely 75 degrees.  Unbelievably today was the first day on the trip that I have worn my bathing suit and that we were able to tan for a bit!  We aren’t sure what tonight’s plans will be but we’re going to have a great last night!

I can’t believe today is the LAST DAY OF THE ROADTRIP!  The last seven weeks have been absolutely amazing, I couldn’t have dreamt of anything better!  AND TOMORROW WE GET TO SAN DIEGO!!!  Keep checking up on the blog.  Hopefully I’ll have good news to post tomorrow that our apartment is livable, everyone keep your fingers crossed for us!

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