Yesterday was a great day!  John and I woke up and met up with Uncle Sam, who was awesome enough to take off of work and show us around Fort Worth all day!  We got a delicious breakfast at a place called Yogi’s, and then took a ride out to the Fort Worth Stockyards, where the city’s long horn herd is kept.  At 11:30am each day, the “cowboys” herd the cattle through the center of the little western looking town and into their pasture where they spend the day.  Then at 4pm, they drive the cattle back through town to their holding pen.  It is really interesting to watch – there are about 20 huge cattle being herded down the street, and it really makes you feel as though you are watching the daily routine of a cowboy a hundred years ago.

After watching the Long Horns, we went into a lot of the shops and John and I were temped to buy ourselves a pair of real cowboy boots and hats, but sadly, there is no room in the car to put anything else!  So we’ll have to get a pair of boots and pick out a hat on our next visit!

Uncle Sam showed us one of his favorite spots at the Stockyard, a great bar called H3.  We got some drinks that were served in these huge goblet-looking glasses that I can’t remember the correct name for, and the best part about the bar was that many of the bar stools were saddles instead of the norm!  (You can see the saddle stools in the pictures below)

We grabbed a great lunch at a cute place called the Love Shack, where John got a Dirty Love burger that had bacon and a quail egg on it.  It was delicious and so were the loaded nachos that we all shared.  After lunch, a bird pooped on my head (haha) and it got into my hair, so we headed home so I could shower off real quick.  Apparently getting pooped on by a bird is good luck, though, so hopefully it will help me with my job search once we get to California!

In downtown Fort Worth there is a gorgeous park called the Fort Worth Water Garden.  If you are ever in Fort Worth take a few minutes to walk through this park.  It was unbelievably beautiful and very artistic.  It was interesting, because the park was split into several different sections, each one a different theme having to do with water.  There was a quiet peaceful pond-like pool that would be the perfect place to read, a pool with small fountains across the whole body of water that was designed to make a person want to walk across the flowing water, a crazy waterfall pond that has stepping stones down to the bottom, which once you step down onto the lowest point, all you can hear is rushing water.  It was beautiful and very artistically interesting.

Since John and I wanted some Texan barbeque, and John’s uncle is a vegetarian, Uncle Sam set us up with one of his co-workers to take us to get some good old Texan BBQ.  Uncle Sam’s coworker, also named Sam, and his friend Teddy, both our age, showed us an amazingly fun time!  We started out the night at a place called Whiskey and Rye, where we got acquainted and had some beverages.  John tried one of the local favorites, a bourbon called TX.  Then, Sam and Teddy took us to a restaurant called Railhead, where we had the most amazing Texas barbeque that I could have imagined!  We ordered ribs, which were fall-off-the-bone DELICIOUS and beef brisket, which was great too.  We tried the potato salad, which was much different than up north, and John and I both liked it better – it’s a bit of a mixture between mashed potatoes and the potato salad we’re used to – different, but good!

We finished off our night by checking out two more Texan bars, The Usual and Live Oak.  John and I had a blast with our newfound Fort Worth friends!  A huge thanks to Sam and Teddy for showing us a great time and for being such good sports showing us around!  I hope we can hang out with them on our next trip to Fort Worth, and hopefully they’ll come visit us in California so we can repay their hospitality!

IMG_4390Today John and I woke up early to get an oil change for the car, first one on the journey so far!  We also got another delicious meal with Uncle Sam at Paris Coffee Shop, a great place owned by a very friendly Greek guy who we had the pleasure of meeting!  We are soon going to meet up with Sam and Madelene for lunch and an afternoon of Fort Worth museums!  I will try to post tonight, but we have to go to bed early because tomorrow is another very long day of driving as we make our way to Albuquerque and Santa Fe!

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