IMG_3064This past weekend was such a blast!  Friday night I went to a happy hour with a several of my closest friends at work.  I wanted to keep it low-key and was so happy to be able to spend some quality girl time with my favorite work ladies (minus Deb and Sandy).  It was great to enjoy my last Friday working for Citi!  Only three work days left now – our last day is Thursday, because Friday we kick off our unemployment by going to Toronto for the weekend for Swedish House Mafia’s final tour!

On Saturday John and I received some GREAT news – that someone signed a contract for an offer on the house!!  We excitedly signed the contract papers and are now hopeful that the home inspection goes smoothly and the buyer’s mortgage is finalized!  Everything has been falling into place for us and we are now very prepared to move and getting so excited with each passing day!  2 weeks from today is our final day in Buffalo, I can’t believe it’s here already!

Over the weekend our last roommate moved out, as well.  I’m really sad since now the house is VERY empty (we’re down to a bed and kitchen table), and Rachael was a great roommate, but it’s amazing how everything is coming to an end to start this new beginning!  Now John and I just need to start packing and vacuum-sealing all of our clothes so we’ll be able to fit them in the car!

Saturday night we had an AMAZING time at our first goodbye happy hour!  So many people came out to celebrate with us and wish us well on our trip.  It was so fun to be able to see friends that we haven’t seen in quite a while, and it was great just to catch up with some of our favorite people before we leave!  For those of you who weren’t able to come to Saturday’s happy hour – we’d still love to see you!  Try and stop by our happy hour on March 1 at Average Joe’s at 9pm!  Below are some pics from Saturday.

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