Over the weekend John and I went to San Francisco to surprise our friend Jason for his birthday!  We left San Diego bright and early and arrived in San Fran by 8:30am!  When we got to San Fran, John and I met up with two of our other friends, Jake and Leah, who had flown in from Phoenix on Friday.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed over to Jason and Shannon’s house for the surprise!

Shannon had coordinated with John and Jake, and was expecting us around 10:30am to surprise Jason.  Knowing it was us, Shannon told Jason to answer the door, and he was very surprised!  After our initial “Surprise!” we met up with a bunch of Shannon and Jason’s friends that live in San Francisco, and took a ferry to Sam’s Café for brunch in Tiburon.  Although it took a while to be seated, we passed the time with some beverages and good company! Brunch was delicious, and we all had an amazing time.

After brunch we parted ways with Jason and Shannon’s San Fran friends, and the six of us headed back to their apartment where we relaxed for a while.  Shannon had a fun evening planned for us, so we rested up, had an afternoon snack of pizza and wings, and rallied ourselves for a second round of parting.  Shannon reserved a room at a great whiskey bar (I forgot the name of it), and we all had a great time sipping whiskey.  We all felt so mature :-P  It was a great night!  Unfortunately, Jason got sick from some “creamy” oysters he had eaten for lunch (great birthday surprise, right?), so the night ended early, but John, Jake, Leah and I were happy to head back, as we were exhausted from drinking and sitting in the sun earlier that day.

On Sunday morning, Leah and Jake had to catch an early flight, but mine and John’s flight wasn’t until the afternoon, so we ate at this amazing place called Sweet Maple, where they have the most amazing “Millionaires Bacon” which has even been featured on the Discovery Channel.  The Millionaire’s bacon was about ¼ inch thick, cage-free bacon, baked with brown sugar for over four hours, and sprinkled with red and black pepper.  Oh. My!  This bacon was on a whole other level – it didn’t even taste like bacon.  It was like the most delicious, crispy, fatty piece of candy you’ve ever had.

We spent some time exploring San Francisco after breakfast, walking around areas like the Haight-Ashbury.   At around 4pm, we headed back to Jason and Shannon’s to grab our stuff, and were off to the airport.  It was a short weekend, but SO fun!  And it was great to be able to celebrate together for Jason’s birthday.  I love hanging out with Jason, Shannon, Jake, and Leah.  They are really fun couples and we all get along so well.  We discussed the possibility of all taking a trip to Vegas or New Orleans together, which would be fun, and we are definitely hoping to have a mini-reunion in San Diego once we move into the Penthouse Penthouse.  All in all, we had an amazing time, thanks to Jason and Shannon for their hospitality, and Happy Birthday to Jason!

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