Today John and I decided that even though the plantations were located a little outside of New Orleans, we would take a drive and check out a few plantation tours while we were in the area. The first plantation we went to was the San Francisco Plantation, which used to be a sugar plantation of almost 1,500 acres. We walked around the grounds and then took a tour of the main house, which we both found very interesting. Next, we drove to the Oak Alley Plantation, where we just walked around the grounds and decided to skip a second house tour. Similar to the San Francisco Plantation, Oak Alley was also a sugar plantation back in the day. After the first two, we stopped at the St. Joseph and Laura Plantations, but the admission costs were too high so we decided to skip them.

After the plantation tours, John and I chose to eat dinner at a great place called Desire Oyster Bar on Bourbon Street.   We ordered a bunch of different appetizers because we wanted to be able to try a bunch of local favorites without getting too full and having leftovers.  We had Oysters Desire, which was oysters doused in house Parmesan and garlic butter, ½ dozen oysters raw on the half shell, Turtle soup with citrus and sherry, and the Crawfish Etouffee, which was sautéed crawfish tails smothered in Cajun sauce and steamed rice.  Dinner was amazing and we were seated at a table that had open doors to the street – we got dinner and a show!  Bourbon street is amazing, and so is New Orleans, I love the vibe of this city!

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