Last night we went out in Old Town Scottsdale and had a great night!  We met Jake’s roommate’s sister, Marci out, and her and Jake showed us a really fun time!  We did a bit of bar hopping, checking out some of the bars and clubs in the area, and spent a long time playing corn hole at the last bar we went to.  We played a few rounds of boys verses girls, and the boys beat us by a lot each time.  I owe both boys a drink tonight, since we lost the last game, which we bet on.  Our bet was a poor choice on the girls part, since we hadn’t won any games prior, but it was fun nonetheless!


Today we started off the day with a great breakfast at Le Grande Orange, where John got eggs rancheros and I got a guacamole BLT.  John has been wanting to get his haircut, so after breakfast we drove to Jake’s salon, where Jake and John got haircuts and I got an eyebrow wax.  It’s weird being on a vacation and having to do every day things – like laundry, haircut, and oil change.  When you are on a seven-week vacation there are some things that have to be done during that period that you wouldn’t think you’d have to do when you’re away from home!

After finishing up at the salon, we went to Mill Avenue, where there was a street fair with awesome art, food, and shopping.  It was fun to walk around one of the popular areas of Phoenix and be able to enjoy the creative artwork, yummy food samples, and browse the shopping opportunities.  I bought a really refreshing lemon Italian Ice – it was so delish.  After the fair, we walked around Arizona State University, which is a huge campus.  Jake was telling us there are around seventy thousand students that go there!  Their campus was full of palm trees, fountains, and other gorgeous scenery. 

We are now doing a bit of relaxing before dinner and going out for another night on the town.  So far Phoenix has been lots of fun and it’s been great to hang out with Jake!

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