As our final departure date approached, John and I decided to get some signature Buffalo food before leaving.  We had always wanted to try out Left Bank but had trouble getting a reservation in the past (no surprise there, the food was FANTASTIC!), so back in January, (yes, January!), john and I made a reservation, just to be sure we could eat there before we left.  Aside from an amazing dinner of ravioli and lobster pasta, I had one of my new favorite things in the world – an appetizer specifically made for Melissa – a tower of delectable fresh mozzarella, perfectly ripe and juicy tomatoes, basil, roasted red peppers, and the best part – crunchy, breaded and deep fried artichoke hearts!  Oh my goodness, it was so good, I wish I could have more right now!

During my last week of work, I met up with the ladies I played pinochle with for another delicious meal at My Burger Bar on Sheridan – I had always wanted to try it because they have spiked milkshakes and floats, which are sooo good!  Lisa and I got the mudslide milkshake, while Sue got the Snickers – all were yummy!

On my very last day of work, Kayla, Cathryn and I all went on a final sushi date.  Sushi Fridays were a tradition for us while working at Citi, and it was great to finish at Citi with one last memorable sushi date – complete with tiny cups of sparkling Sake to celebrate.

Aside from those delicious meals, John and I got some food at some of our true Buffalo favorites – Jim’s Steakout, Salsaritas, Duffs, and Paula’s Donuts!  I will definitely miss some of Buffalo’s greatest food spots once we’re gone.  (And I know John is really going to miss Wegmans!)

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  1. Victoria Garcia

    Melissa, I SO miss Salsaritas! Among other Buffalo foods. Glad you are keeping this blog :) I’m excited to see where your travels take you. REALLY SAD I DIDNT GET TO GO TO FINAL PINOCHLE DINNER :( :(



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