We arrived in Sedona this morning!  It was a short drive from Phoenix – only two hours, and it was very scenic so it flew by!  It was our shortest drive yet.  It’s unbelievable how short a two hour drive will seem after having regular 6-8 hour drives and several 10-12 hour ones!

Unfortunately, Sedona has been pretty overcast today, but we are still having a good time, and we have all day tomorrow to hike around and enjoy the sites, so we aren’t too bummed.  We are staying at an apartment that we found on AirBnB, and it’s really cute and has a great view!

We started off the day by going to the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  It was beautiful, but unfortunately was sooo windy and started raining while we were there.  We tried to get some pictures, but might end up going back tomorrow to get some better ones of the amazing views.  It was still gorgeous despite the rain and clouds.

To avoid the inclement weather, John and I decided to go to lunch after the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and went to Wildflower Bread Company, which was scrumptious!  I enjoyed the Wildflower grilled cheese, while John had the Spicy Meatball sandwich and we shared a bowl of potato cream cheese soup.  Everything was really good and the perfect meal for the chilly day outside!

After lunch we checked out some of the local shops and I ended up buying three beautiful rings.  I know, three is a little much, but I tried to bargain for two and he simply wouldn’t budge.  I was able to get a fantastic deal on the three though, and they are one of the first souvenirs I’ve bought on the trip!

Not sure what our plans are for tonight, it is still really gloomy out so we may just lay low and watch a movie.  If it clears up, we’d love to go exploring, but we’ll see how the weather turns out.  Check back tomorrow for the amazing photos that we’ll hopefully be taking when the sun is out!

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