Our time in New Jersey has been so awesome.  We were able to spend so much time with family, and connect with so many friends while we were here.  Last night was really hard though.  It was our last night and our final family dinner.  In addition to sharing laughs, many tears were shared as well.  Saying goodbye to all of our friends was hard enough, giving my grandparents and godmother final hugs and kisses was awful.  I can’t imagine how emotional I’m going to be in just a few minutes when I say goodbye to my mom and brother (and Boots!).

But this is it, our final goodbyes! And now the trip really begins!  It’s definitely mixed emotions, because I’m ecstatic for our trip and so excited for what the next few months will bring, but at the same time, so sad to be saying goodbye.  We’re officially leaving for California today!  Let the road trip adventures begin!  First stop: Wake Forest in North Carolina to visit John’s best friend Matt.  We’ll be there approximately eight hours after we embark (but we need to re-pack the car first!)

Some pics of the really delicious food we had for dinner – John’s favorite, Yiayia’s Pasticcio on the left, a delicious chicken and crunchy broccoli casserole cooked by my mom!  (I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of my plate)

Our delicious desserts – crumb cake, red velvet cupcakes, and delicious chocolate treats.

And because I am going to miss him more than anything and can’t wait until we have jobs and are settled so I can pick him up, here are some pics that I have taken of Boots over the last few days.  He’s too cute for words <3

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