Yesterday John and I started off the day by hiking around Zion National Park.  We woke up early so that we would be able to get a decent amount of hike time in before heading off to Las Vegas.  We hiked the Riverside Walk and the Weeping Rock Trail, which were both awesome.  Unfortunately, the day wasn’t as sunny and beautiful as our first day in Zion, but we were just happy that it wasn’t raining even though it was overcast!

At about 2pm, we headed out on the drive to Las Vegas.  It was only a two and a half hour drive and we gained an hour from the time zone change, so we arrived in Las Vegas by early afternoon.  We quickly checked into our hotel, The Excalibur, and then began exploring the strip.  John and I walked for hours – in and out of lobbies, into stores, and through casinos.  We had a lot of fun just walking around checking things out!

We got dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, and both ordered pasta since we haven’t been having any pasta and we were both really craving it!  Unfortunately, after dinner it was super windy and kind of cold, so a lot of the shows on the strip that you can watch from the street were cancelled due to the high dangerous winds.  I also got a lot of sand blown in my eyes throughout the night, (haha).  The Bellagio’s fountain show was still going on as scheduled though, and we stopped to watch the beautiful fountains choreographed to music.

John and I finished off the night by playing some Blackjack at The Luxor.  We were able to last at the table for about two and a half hours, but then hit an unlucky streak and lost what we were playing with.  That’s ok though, because we had a ton of fun playing and maybe we’ll be able to make up what we lost later on in the week!

Today John and I were planning on having a relaxing pool day, but for some reason it’s cold here in Vegas!  63 degrees and partly cloudy – so disappointing!!  But we’re still spending the day relaxing until we go to the Blue Man Group tonight!!!  We’re so excited!  I’ll let you all know tomorrow how the show was!

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