John and I started off our morning at the Grand Canyon, seeing more breathtaking views before making our way out of the park and onward to Bryce Canyon. The drive today was unbelievably beautiful. Everywhere you turned to look during all six hours of the drive was gorgeous. I couldn’t stop snapping pictures out the car windows and John and I pulled off at nearly all the scenic viewpoint areas. The scenery definitely made the drive go by super fast too, which is always awesome.

For lunch we stopped at a great restaurant called the Rocking V Cafe, where we had a delicious meal! (We were pumped to have decent food after the crappy Grand Canyon food and our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!) John got an Andouille Sausage and Creole Sauce dish, which was so yummy, and I had a grilled cheese that had four different kinds of cheese, tomatoes, and artichoke hearts; it was so scrumptious!

We arrived in Bryce Canyon around 5pm, and quickly unloaded the car so that we could go to the canyon. Upon arrival, the sun had begun to set and the way the light was hitting the red pinnacles throughout the canyon was magnificent! We stayed in the canyon until sunset and were able to get a lot of great pictures during our time there!

Now John and I are doing some laundry, hopefully our last few loads before we get to San Diego! Only a week left of the road trip, I can’t believe how fast the last six weeks have flown by. It seems like just yesterday that I was leaving 26 Spruce behind in my rearview mirror.

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