John and I did so much hiking today along the edge of the Grand Canyon!  We started off our day with some peanut butter and jelly (I told you about how we were avoiding any more meals at the restaurants here), and we decided to hike down Hermit Road.  Hermit Road is a 13-mile trail that follows the edge of the Grand Canyon.  We didn’t walk all 13 miles, but we got about halfway, and hiked for nearly four and a half hours!  We had a blast.  Some of the spots that we stood on to look down were unbelievable!  I’m sure some of our pictures are going to freak out our parents and grandparents.  I know that the next phone call I get from Yiayia she’s going to tell me that I worried her being so close to the edge!  :-P  We also got to see some wildlife along the hike – deer, elk, and many little rodents!

Now John and I are just hanging out in our hotel room, beat from the adventures of our hike.  We’ll probably have more PB&J and maybe some wine to finish off the night.  Tomorrow we’re driving to Bryce Canyon, where hopefully we’ll have a better internet connection so I can blog!

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