We left Timmy’s in Jacksonville this morning, and had a relatively short drive (only 5 hours!).  We arrived in Miami this afternoon and met up with my sister Christina and her boyfriend Ryan who have been in Florida on their spring break.  John and I were so pumped to see them, and they’re staying with us in our hotel until Saturday! (Yay, I’ll take as much sister time as I can get before we leave!!)  Once we all got settled in at the hotel, we walked around Miami and did some exploring.

We passed by the park that Ultra is going to be at tomorrow, and they were setting up and doing some music/light tests.  It was so awesome to see the empty stages, and I’m so excited to be one of the 160,000 people filling the park tomorrow!  While exploring, we grabbed a bite to eat and found a great place along the water to take some pictures of the fabulous view!  Tonight we decided to lay low and save our energy for the long weekend of Ultra ahead of us.  It will be nice not to have to drive anywhere for a few days!

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