Aside from attending the first day of Ultra Music Festival, we started off the day by exploring South Beach with Christina and Ryan.  I loved South Beach!  It’s so fun to see all the fancy cars, DJs at nearly every restaurant, outdoor seating areas, the pool parties, etc.  Everything in South Beach is so flashy!

Once it neared the time that we had to leave for Ultra, we met up with John’s cousin Will, headed back from South Beach and made our way to the concert.  I absolutely love Ultra and electronic music festivals!  It is insane to be at an event where 160,000 other people are having just as good a time as you, and are dancing just as crazy!  All in all, it was an amazing first day of Ultra, and for those of you electronic junkies like us, we saw the following sets:

R3HAB – Really good; Great way to start off the festival!

Cazzette – Good, but the crowd was a little too packed so it made it hard to enjoy it

Avicii – First half of his set started out really well, and then mid-way it kind of lost momentum and I found myself getting bored

Tiesto – BEST set that I have ever seen.  If you weren’t able to watch the live stream while it was happening, find the set online and listen to it.  It was amazing!!

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