Rochester/ Fairport has been not only fun, but BUSY! It has been a great week jam-packed with activities that have definitely kept us very active.  We sold John’s car on Craigslist, went through John’s old room and sorted through lots of memories, garbage, and old clothes, and have been spending lots of time with family and friends before saying our goodbyes and heading out on the next leg of our journey.

Unfortunately, I have still been recovering from my untimely case of the flu, and on Wednesday wasn’t up for going out, but John met up with his friends Bryce and Dan for some drinks and a few rounds of darts in the village of Fairport.  He had a really great time (and I was bummed to miss out)!

Friday was a gorgeous day in Fairport, so John and I went for a really long walk along the canal and experimented a bit with our new camera.  We were able to take some awesome pictures (as you can see for yourselves).

Friday night we had a happy hour at Mulconry’s Irish Pub in Fairport.  Once again, we felt so loved, as so many of our friends showed up to celebrate with us and give us a proper send-off.  We had a blast and of course the night wasn’t complete until we had garbage plates at 3:30 AM – a true Rochester tradition!

Today, John and I went to The Book of Mormon, which was absolutely AMAZING!  If any of you are able to get tickets to the show, which is coming to Buffalo in June, start saving now and GO!  It was great!!  Way better than I thought it was going to be – the creators of South Park, who are the writers of the play, are genius.  The show couldn’t have been any better!  After the show, John and I had a great dinner at a really delicious restaurant in Fairport called Bocacini’s – I had the vodka penne and John had spaghetti and meatballs – Yum!

We are both sad that tomorrow is our last day in Fairport, but John’s family is having a family party tomorrow to celebrate St. Patty’s and I’m already getting excited for John’s mom’s amazing cooking – I’m sure her corned beef will exceed my expectations!  I am also getting excited to see my friends and family in NJ – and I can’t wait to see Boots!!

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