IMG_0057This past week, John and I were on the east coast spending time with family, celebrating our engagement, and enjoying our friends’ wedding! It was great to be back east, but after nearly a week of rain, we were excited to get back to sunny San Diego! IMG_1325We left San Diego Friday night on a redeye flight, and arrived just in time to see the sun rise in New York City as we landed. Since we hadn’t slept much on the flight, we took a nice long nap and awoke just in time to get ready for dinner with the parents, where both of our families met for the first time! We had a wonderful dinner together full of laughter and fun as our parents and siblings bonded – it couldn’t have gone any better, so of course, John and I were thrilled! Sunday was the day of our big engagement party so we were up bright and early to get beautified by my aunt, the owner of Blu Salon. It was so fun to get ready with the family, and we were looking fab by the time we were done! We headed home to get dressed and ready for the photographer and then ran over to the venue for family photos.

IMG_0249The party was gorgeous, a huge thanks to my mom for all that she did in planning it! I know my whole family played a huge part in making the day a success, but my mom simply outdid herself! The engagement party took place at Biagio’s in Paramus, and when I first saw the room, I thought for sure this was the “surprise wedding” Yiayia had been joking about. Filled with over 120 of our closest friends and family and decorated to perfection, the venue was simply stunning! We jammed out to the Greek Band, teaching our friends and John’s family how to Greek dance, enjoyed delectable food, and celebrated amongst such wonderful company. The whole party flew by; we were having so much fun that we didn’t even notice the party ran late until the wait staff told us that it was 9:30 and they were expecting the party to finish at 9:00! Everyone was having too much fun! Overall, John and I had the BEST night, and we have such amazing memories of the party that will forever be in our hearts and minds. We hope you enjoy the photos – there are some real gems in there! :)

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During the week, John and I both worked from home and spent a lot of quality time with family. Since we don’t make it home too often, we always need to get our fill of family time in while we’re around! On Thursday, we said our goodbyes to the fam and headed north to Lake George, where we celebrated the marriage of our friends Jeff and Stephanie. Steph, one of my college roommates, is one of my best friends, and I was honored to be included in her wedding party! I had a great time being with my girlfriends from college, as we participated in the bachelorette party, spa day, rehearsal dinner, and of course, the ceremony. Although John’s weekend wasn’t as exciting as my girly one, he had a great time keeping up with the World Cup soccer games in the hotel room, and got to join in for the rehearsal dinner and wedding fun!

Steph and Jeff were our first friends to get married, so John and I had a blast celebrating! We also loved being able to see a bunch of our friends from school that we don’t get the chance to see very often now that we’ve moved!   On Sunday we headed back to San Diego, nearly missing our flight, but thankfully we made it! We had a wonderful week enjoying the east coast, but were happy to arrive safe and well back home. Boots certainly missed us while we were gone, and we missed the San Diego sunshine! Hope you enjoy all the pictures from our fun and busy week back east, for more photos of the engagement party & wedding, check out the Rhythm of Our Lives Facebook Page!

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