So today was the big day – MOVING DAY!  Our months of prep came down to the wire today as we packed up the car, and let me tell you – it is PACKED!  To the gills!  Every little bit of Margarita, (yes, that would be my beautiful car’s name), including her door storage areas are stuffed with our belongings.  For all of you that made fun of me for selling everything we owned on Craigslist and Ebay prior to today, it was all worth it to avoid some of the stress that went along with trying to pack that car!  Even with all that selling, John and I had to pick up a huge box at Lowes to fit the last of our things that wouldn’t fit into the car for John’s parents to ship to us once we’re out there.

Even though it was always frigid, I have so many memories of going out in Melissa-dresses (those of you that know me well know what those were), falling down my icy steps every single winter and limping around with a bruised tailbone for weeks after, traveling through Canisius’ tunnels strategically, even to and from our friends houses to avoid the outdoors, and playing in the snow creating radio contest sculptures for a chance to meet Enrique in Miami (haha remember that Erin?).  Aside from my many memories made in the cold, there were even more made in the times that it was warm – quad party, yard bed, backyard bbq’s, the “beach” (I will never fully consider Mickey Rat’s a beach), and so many countless others.

If you had asked me at age 16 where I would end up going to college and living afterwards, I would have never in my right mind said Buffalo (did I even know where it was or what the weather was like back then?)  But now looking back, I couldn’t be happier with where life has taken me up to this point.  Buffalo was an amazing chapter of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Thank you to all my fellow Buffalonians for making it a great time.  The frigid city will always have a special place in my heart – and if the Bills ever make it to the Super Bowl, I will for sure be back!

Here are some pictures of our packing:

We vacuumed all of our clothes so they’d fit in the Car!

Goodbye House!

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