Yesterday was our third and final day of Ultra Music Festival. Like the first two days, the experience was once again incredible and John and I spent the day listening to amazing electronic artists. Before I get into who we saw and how much we liked them, I was really excited because yesterday I tweeted my favorite DJ from Saturday (George Fitzgerald), and he tweeted back! I asked him if he remembered John and I from his set, since we were only about 20 feet from the stage and I could have sworn he kept smiling at us. He said he did remember us! Then I sent him the link to this blog and told him that I wrote about how amazing his set was and he favorited it! I thought it was really cool and it made my day even better!

At Ultra yesterday we saw Thomas Gold who played a good set, followed by Bingo Players who was one of our favorites of the day. Then we saw Major Lazer, who definitely had the most entertaining show of the weekend- they made it so fun and got the crowd really involved. They even pulled a bunch of people on stage and at one point they recorded a Major Lazer Harlem Shake and the first person dancing at the beginning of the song was doing a crazy Diplo “Express Yourself” pose. I’m looking forward to seeing the video on YouTube once it’s posted.

Dirty South was the DJ we saw next, and they put on a good show. Following Dirty South, we saw about half of Alesso’s set, also a great time, and then checked out the smaller Bayfront Stage, where we saw a little bit of Seth Troxler and Art Department.  Even though John and I had been slightly disappointed with Swedish House Mafia’s concert that we saw in Toronto, we decided to give their final performance ever a try.  After watching for thirty minutes, the show seemed really similar to the show that we saw in Toronto.  Aside from it being a very similar set, the crowd was overwhelming.  I wouldn’t be surprised if over 100,000 people were watching their show, and it may have even been more people than that.  The crowd went almost all the way to the concession stands on all sides.  In addition to it being super crowded, most of the crowd didn’t even seem interested in the show – no one was really dancing and more than half of them appeared to be on their phones!

John and I decided that instead of watching basically the same show that we had seen, we would walk over to Wolfgang Gartner and see how his set was.  What a great decision we made!  Wolfgang Gartner killed it and was my favorite set that we saw on Sunday.  The Worldwide Stage was not crowded at all, (because everyone was at Swedish House Mafia), and the crowd that was there for his show was going NUTS!  It was insane!  A great way to end an amazing weekend!!

Today John and I are just relaxing in South Beach and recuperating from our crazy weekend.  Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to post again until Wednesday or Thursday, because tomorrow John and I have a long day of ten hours of driving. We’ll arrive in Crestview, Florida pretty late in the afternoon, hopefully go to bed early, and then Thursday we will wake up and drive the remaining distance to New Orleans! It’s so unreal not to be going back to work like everyone else after Ultra Music Festival, and instead have four more weeks of travel ahead of us! We’re livin’ it up!!

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