I wanted to start off this blog post by thanking all of my readers!  The blog has gotten over 2,500 views, and I’ve been excitedly watching the view count increase over the last few days, and today it breached a mile-stone number!  I love writing about our adventures and what we are doing on our journey, and I’m so happy that you are all reading and checking back to see what’s new on the blog!  Thanks everyone!!

Last night John and I had an awesome time on Bourbon Street.  The people that visit New Orleans are so ridiculous, and with 3 for 1 drink specials, I can understand why people are drunk at 6pm.  John and I had a very entertaining time people watching during our dinner last night!  After dinner we enjoyed the sites, drink specials, and live music!

Today we decided to start off our day with lunch at an unbelievably delicious place called Cochon Butcher.  John and I ordered three different items and shared them – the Duck Pastrami Sliders, Pancetta Mac-n-Cheese, and the Cochon Muffaletta with House Meats and Olive Salad.  I can’t even attempt to write about how amazing lunch was.  The Duck Pastrami Sliders were unlike anything I had ever had, but SO GOOD!  And the Pancetta Mac-n-Cheese was the best Mac-n-Cheese I have ever had the pleasure of spooning into my mouth – its delectable cheesy goodness was unreal. (Are you salivating yet while reading this post?)

After lunch, we drove to the New Orleans Garden District, where we visited a cemetery and also walked around the neighborhoods admiring the beautiful houses.  New Orleans cemeteries are quite strange – since the water table is so high, the bodies need to be buried above ground.  Instead of having several mausoleums scattered throughout a cemetery and the majority of burial spots being gravestones with a body buried beneath, in New Orleans all the bodies are kept above ground.  This leads to a very interesting look – as you can see from the pictures, it is very strange to have all of the large, ornate mausoleums and no gravestones.  And if there are gravestones, it is on a raised plot of land, so that the bodies are still buried underground!  It was very interesting to walk around and take in the abnormality of the cemetery – definitely not something that we are used to up north!

Once we had gotten our fill of walking around the cemetery (it was a bit creepy since all of the mausoleums don’t appear to get much care and most are falling apart), we decided to walk around the Garden District and admire all of the amazingly gorgeous houses in the area.  The Garden District is a very wealthy area and it’s where many of the celebrities in the area live.  Each house was more stunning than the next, so it was really fun to walk around enjoying the beautiful day (another 75 degree sunny day, eat your heart out Buffalo), and admire all the gorgeous properties!

John and I don’t have much planned for tonight, but we are going to have to go to bed early, as tomorrow is a long drive to Texas to visit John’s Uncle Sam and his wife Madelene, who will be showing us around the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the next few days!  We are hoping to wake up early to give ourselves ample time for the ten-hour drive and be able to arrive in Ft. Worth in time for some Easter dinner!

John and I really loved our time in New Orleans and were discussing this morning that if this part of the country wasn’t so hot (John would die during a Louisiana summer for sure), we would consider moving here instead of California.  The vibe of New Orleans, the people, the food, and the sites, are all really amazing here.  If you’ve never been, start saving and make it your next vacation.  I feel like we could be here for a month and not run out of things to do and good food to eat.  Both of us are surprised at how much we enjoyed the city, and we are both hoping that we visit here again – maybe next time for Mardi Gras!

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