John and I explored Bryce Canyon today!  We went to every overlook, did some hiking, and took a ton of amazing pictures!  We started out by going to the end of the 18 mile road that goes through Bryce, and then worked our way backwards, since all the look-out points were on the right side of the road.  Every point and scenic overlook that we stopped at was more beautiful than the next, and I hope you enjoy the pictures, even though they don’t even do the park justice!  The Hoodoos (spindles) were so gorgeous in every spot.  The only bummer was that it was extremely windy and very cold!

We also did a hike down into the canyon, and it was awesome to see the hoodoos looming above us.  It was pretty awesome!  The hike down was very steep and the hike back up felt even steeper (because we were going uphill)!  It was quite a workout, but so worth the hike, because it was amazing to stand next to the hoodoos and look up, being able to see just how tall they really are!

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