Oh man, does time fly!  It feels like just yesterday that John was down on one knee proposing, and here we are, days away from tying the knot (12 days to be exact)!!

As you can imagine, the whirlwind of last-minute wedding planning and details hasn’t given me much time to write a blog post, but I wanted to share a quick update.  We have been super busy finalizing wedding details, finishing up our planning, and preparing for guests to arrive in San Diego! We are looking so forward to the friends and family that will be arriving from out of town over this next week, and we are ecstatic to share in our special day and wedding weekend with all of you.

For those of you traveling from out of town, the wedding website is really helpful for tips, information, and planning fun things to do in San Diego.  

John and I want to send a big thank you to so many friends and family.  Not only are we grateful that so many of you were willing to travel to our wedding, there are many of you unable to even attend that have sent such positivity our way.  Your kind words, thoughtful gifts, and well-wishes are much appreciated.  Because of the size of our wedding venue, John and I had to keep the guest list minimal, but we are so thankful for the love and well-wishes from everyone, you mean so much to us :)  Keep your eyes out for the next blog post – I promise there will be wedding photos! :D

xo, Soon-to-be Melissa Steele =P

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