I wrote this a few weekends ago when I was feeling a little discouraged.  Lately, I’ve been really struggling with some stomach issues, and I wrote this narrative when I was feeling really down, as a way to encourage myself.  Now, when I read it, I remember to always keep my end goals in sight, and know that although I may feel sick now, it’s only a matter of time before the hard work and effort of my research, doctor’s appointments, and healthy diet and lifestyle changes begin to make a difference.

And on a positive note, I’ve been feeling a lot better recently!  I think my dietary changes are finally starting to make a difference and today actually marks two full months of eating absolutely no sugars or starch!  I’m so proud of myself.  I’ve only eaten green veggies and lean proteins for eight whole weeks!

I know this is much different from our usual content, but I thought that I should share it with you.  It’s similar to pieces that I used to write on my first blog Sounds a Lot Like Life (you can find them on Rhythm of our Lives as well, but you’ll have to dig deep to find them :)  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

 Through Struggle Comes Success

The light flickers.  It’s barely there.  Her eyes strain to keep it in sight; her mind reassures her that it’s there.  It dims.  It flickers.  She strains to see.  Panicking.  Where’d it go?

It glints, she can still see the light in the distance.  It seems so far away.  How’d she get here?  What happened?  She had pushed through darkness for so long, a determined blindness through the unknown.  When did this all happen?  She wracks her brain for an answer.  It’s like she was drugged.  Things are foggy.  How the hell did she end up here?

Complete darkness surrounds her except for the one, single, lonely light that flickers in the distance.  She knows that’s all there is left – she knows that somehow she has to reach that light.  But how?

She strains and struggles through the complete darkness heading blindly for the lonely light.  She trips and stumbles along the way.  She cuts herself on something sharp on the ground.  The palm of her hand stings.  She stumbles forward, unsure of what lies along the path in front of her.

How long has it been?  She battles the vines that snag her ankles, wince at the branches that scratch her face.  The complete darkness is overwhelming, she can’t escape it.  It scares her and she strains to keep the flickering light within view.

It’s hard, she doesn’t know where to go from here, except to follow that light.  How far away is it?  How much longer is the journey?  She thinks about this and gets discouraged.  The light is so dim in the distance; can she even make it there?  How much further does she really have to go?

She sinks down to the earth, her hands gripping at the moist soil beneath her.  Tears begin streaming down her face as she realizes what’s to come, how long the journey is from here.  Sobs begin to wrack her body, she hugs herself, the tears forming rivers down her cheeks. She feels lost and afraid.  She shakes and moans, rocking back and forth.  How did she end up here, all alone?  Where did everyone go?  What happened?

She sat there, in the dirt, for some time.  She sobs until her cries are silent.  The tears that had formed streams down her cheeks had run dry.  She felt hollow inside, like there was nothing left.  Her arms are stiffly wrapped around her as her shaking finally subsides.  She slumps in defeat.  What now?

She thought about it for quite sometime, and she didn’t know.  And then she remembered the light.  Was it still there?  Weak from the exhaustion of many shed tears, she struggles to her feet.  Her eyes scan the darkness around her.  Where is it?  Shit.  Where the hell is it?

Her eyes strain to see, and finally, she grasps that it’s there, glimmering through the void.  Joyful at the mere sight of it, she steps towards it.  Her muscles already ache, but she places her second foot in front of the other.  Again, she takes another step, gaining a little momentum.

She continues to struggle along into the darkness.  Each step faces a new challenge- a root jutting up from the dirt, or a thorn that catches her arm.  The rocks that lie in her pathway, and the branches that snag at her clothes.  With each difficult step, though, comes new promise.  A hurtle crossed and another step taken.

After what seems like a lifetime, the light begins to brighten.  It shines brighter in the distance, getting closer to her with each new step that she takes.  It begins to lighten her pathway, casting dark shadows on the dirt in front of her, alerting her of anything dangerous in her way.

As she begins to see, she gains momentum, hopping over rocks and avoiding brush.  It’s like the sun is rising in front of her.  It’s brighter now than ever and she runs towards it.  The trees begin to diminish around her, and she runs with open arms towards the glorious light.  She’s here.  She made it.  She knows all her hard work and the journey was worth it.  She is happy, she is home.

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