On Sunday John and I had a blast in the park again!  We packed a picnic, some cards, and a few towels, spread out in the grass, and had a fabulous afternoon in the park soaking up the sun’s delightful rays and enjoying one another’s company!  The weather here is continually gorgeous, it has still rained only once since we got here on April 20th!  Isn’t that wild!?  We definitely can not complain about the weather EVER while we’re living here in San Diego!

The picture below on the left is one of the many planes that flies over our apartment each day.  We’ve gotten used to their noise, but when we first arrived were so surprised by how low they fly in to the airport downtown – that pic isn’t zoomed in at all!  The middle picture is of my sweet, new business cards at digital-telepathy.  And lastly, the pic on the right is a funny note that my boss left me this past week.  Just to give you an idea of the amazing job I now have :-P

One of my job duties at DT is to plan birthday and anniversary celebrations.  I’ll explain the method to my madness first and then tell you how we celebrated the first DT Birthday since I started.  Regular birthday events (singing happy bday and getting a cake), don’t have very positive results on morale.  The action becomes expected and planned and sometimes there’s even hard feelings involved (i.e. why was his cake better than mine?).  Unexpected motivation from management works really well and increases the “I work at an awesome place, the management is great and really cares” mentality.  A great example of this would be a company that could really use a new/better coffee machine, but instead, gets occasional coffee from a local shop of Starbucks every few weeks to enforce the “we care about you” mentality – the whole office is thrilled with the purchased coffee and everyone is brought back to the “I work at a really cool place” thought process.  If you’re a manager, try it out.  So far it’s been working great in our office at DT!

To celebrate our two June birthdays, I planned a piñata surprise as a test run for my idea.  My boss and I went to a totally legit Mexican piñata store, bought the best and biggest Darth Vader piñata I’ve ever seen for $17 (!!! only $17), and surprised the team with it.  Everyone loved it, everybody was able to participate, and morale was totally enforced!  Thought I’d post some pics to show you the great time we had!  The pic in the middle is us doing yoga at DT yesterday after work.  Jealous of my new job yet?  I’m just livin’ the dream :)

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