An awesome video from one of my coworkers, Brad, which shows a “typical day in the life at DT”

This past Monday, our lunch chefs, Gage and Julia, crafted us a tsunami of a meaningful experience with an amazing digital-telepathy sushi lunch experience. They brought in Guest Chef Matsu Yuichiro, of Azuki Sushi for a truly memorable and unbelievable experience.

The main course of our meal was a delectable Chirashi, which was a dish of fresh albacore, shrimp, salmon, tuna, and avocado atop rice and daikon radish. They prepared a variety of fresh sushi rolls with tofu and veggies that were absolutely to die for, and we also were able to enjoy a delightful piece of miso black cod. The salads truly exceeded our expectations, as well, and we were able to try Sunomono, which is a traditional Japanese cucumber salad, and a wasabi cabbage and hijiki slaw comprised of organic cabbage, arugula, carrots, ume plum vinegar and cream wasabi dressing topped with sesame seeds.

During lunch we had a saki toast, and we took turns toasting to what we were thankful for. With thanksgiving coming from all around the table, it was an incredible experience for everyone to be a part of. Hearing statements like “I’m thankful for all the friends I work with”, “I’m thankful for our team caring so much about what they do and for each other”, “I’m thankful for a kickass place to work”, “I’m thankful for these lunches and that our CEO sees the value in them”, and so many more, we were all very moved. Our Manager of Company Culture even chimed in with a second thanksgiving of “I’m thankful I haven’t started crying yet”. :-)

Our team is very much a family, and at certain points, like during Monday’s lunch, that really shines through. It’s truly an amazing environment to be a part of. We all enjoyed our beautifully crafted lunch, were so enthused to meet and enjoy Matsu Yuichiro’s amazing talent, and were enlightened by the touching toast we all shared together.

It was a truly meaningful Monday lunch! :)

(thanks to Jamie Hamel-Smith for the use of his gorgeous photos)

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