It’s no surprise to many of you that John and I have big hopes and dreams.  If you read this blog, it’s probably pretty obvious.  I know I have mentioned the five year plan in posts before, but for those of you that are unfamiliar with our current life plan which we’ve fondly dubbed “The 5 Year Plan”, it’s pretty much a goal that we set for ourselves at the beginning of 2014 to travel the world long-term nomad style in the year 2020 after five-ish years of hard work to make it happen.

So far, things have been going pretty well in the five year plan, and we are right on track for where we’d like to be the first year in, despite all the health and financial issues we had to overcome while I was sick last year.  Well, this year is our comeback year, and while focusing on our health and wellness, we have been diving head first into the next phase of our plan.

Since leaving my last position, John and I have been getting into the groove of what we love doing.  We’ve both been hustling our butts off, ready to tackle 2015 as aggressively as we did in 2014, and we’ve started off this year establishing another business, one that we are currently absolutely loving!

Just about a year ago, in May 2014, John and I passed our California Real Estate Exams, but were still working full time, so we weren’t able to do too much with them.  Well, now that I am currently in business for myself, John and I have been working hard to get our new Real Estate business up and running! 

So far it’s been awesome!  We’ve been learning A TON, if youGood One want to learn a new skill, simply immerse yourself in the materials, get out there and start trying things, and surround yourself with people already in the business.  John and I have been absorbing information like a sponge – meeting with coworkers and shadowing, hosting our own open houses, and working with our first clients!  It is so exciting, and we’re hoping to be able to transition John to a full-time Realtor as soon as we’re able!

It’s been pretty incredible to be “wheeling and dealing” for ourselves, to be honest.  We are completely loving it.  It’s mindblowing to set goals for yourself, work on them as hard as you can, and see them accomplished with each step you move forward.  There’s nothing more invigorating and motivating that seeing your dreams come true right before your eyes every single day.  It certainly gets us out of bed every morning! 

If you’d like to support us and follow our Real Estate journey, please check out our website and follow our social mediums!  As alway, thank you for your support, and if you have any Real Estate questions or needs, hit us up! :)

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