Last weekend one of my friends from high school, Rebecca, made a visit out to San Diego and LA to check out the west coast. We hadn’t seen each other in several years and really haven’t spent much time together since high school, so it was great to catch up! Aside from showing Rebecca a bunch of our favorite spots (OB, Gaslamp, Balboa, etc.), there were three particular highlights of her visit. The first was being able to see the Spreckles organ at Balboa Park being played during an organ concert and the second was trying out South Beach Bar and Grille for the first time.

Another highlight of Rebecca’s visits was hanging out with Jed, Jamile, and Brian, on Saturday night. We all met up for dinner and drinks, and ended up finishing off the night playing a few rounds of pool, but the coolest part was that Jed and Rebecca got to catch up, too! Jed, Rebecca, and I all went to high school and grew up together; it was a fun little mini-reunion!

On Sunday, John and I showed Rebecca around Balboa Park, but were so excited to be around during the time of the weekly organ concert! Each week on Sundays from 2:00-3:00PM, the Spreckels Organ Society hosts a wonderful outdoor organ concert in the heart of Balboa Park, completely free of charge!

The Spreckels brothers donated the enormous organ back in 1915, but we’re still able to hear its amazing sound today! The huge instrument contains 4,518 pipes and comprises 73 ranks! Its sound is like none other. It was really amazing to listen to the organist Alicia McMillan play a variety of pieces, my favorite being Fantasia in G Major by J.S. Bach. It was really neat to see and hear!

On Sunday night, as Rebecca’s visit was coming to a close, we all decided to check out South Beach Bar and Grille for dinner. Aside from our delicious entrees, John was so happy to order chicken wings that were somewhat comparable to Buffalo’s! He hadn’t been able to satisfy his craving for Buffalo wings before this meal, because all the wings he ordered were incredibly disappointing and not up to John’s standards, but these wings were good! We enjoyed our meals while watching the end of the Super Bowl, and then sadly said our goodbyes to Rebecca as we dropped her off at the airport on the way home from dinner! We had a great weekend catching up as we showed her around San Diego!

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