So for the past few days I have been wondering what to write on this blog, because although my journal that I started on January 1st already has like twenty thousand words, I find it strangely intimidating to write something that the whole world potentially has the opportunity to read. In thinking about these things, I have found myself procrastinating a second Blog entry, for fear that some little man in Asia who I do not know may be reading about my life and judging it, or that some creepy pervert in Massachusetts who has nothing better to do than stalk 21 year old girls from New Jersey has been eagerly awaiting a second post (not that the first one was particularly exciting or anything).

So, after coming to the conclusion that I don’t care who reads this blog, and also decided that there probably is not some stalker in Massachusetts, since this blog has only received seven views, I have decided to finally write my second post. Next I had to decide what to write about… I feel strange writing about personal issues – I guess I am going to have to slowly get used to this, and I didn’t really have a good topic until now…

Yes, for all my NJ friends out there, I am writing about snow. Apparently New Jersey was blessed with a white blanket of beautiful snow last night. An inch or two of pure white dusting. My facebook feed is continually being updated with statuses like “Snow day!” or “really? What’s up with the snow?” or even “Ugh I hate snow!!” Personally, I think that each New Jersey-an needs to experience just a week of Buffalo winter, or better yet, maybe even just a day…

I swear, in New Jersey I don’t think I am ever going to complain about the weather again. I have wanted to go shopping since Monday, but unfortunately, they don’t feel the need to plow the roads of Buffalo, even though I don’t think it ever stops snowing. Even if you think it has stopped snowing, in reality, if there aren’t flakes falling from the sky, they are being whipped around by the stinging winds and creating drifts feet deep.

Until you’ve had it happen to you, you really can’t fathom what it feels like to have buggers freeze in your nose… and no, I am not exaggerating, they literally freeze and you are unable to blow your nose until they thaw out. The wind seems to cut through any clothing you try and wear – no matter how many layers you decide to venture out in.

The other night I was at a party and got a little hot. I decided to step outside for a moment to cool myself off. Within minutes, where my shirt had been sweaty, it was now rock hard, frozen areas of shirt. Where my hair had been damp, it was now frozen in funky looking clumps. Pleasant, I remember thinking to myself as I tried to pony-tail my frozen hair bunches. My new frozen look was so attractive.

The other day I had to walk to class with wet hair because I didn’t have time to blow dry it before leaving. By the time I got to class, and tried to tuck my hair behind my ear, I realized that my hair had completely frozen. It was as if I had taken a wig out of a freezer and stuck it on my poor, freezing head!

So, in closing, I guess what I am trying to say is, don’t complain about the weather, poor New Jersey friends. It could be much worse. You could be up here with me, where it snows inches in an hour, where the roads are never plowed, where classes and work never seem to be cancelled, where twenty degree weather is a god sent, and where I can’t even get to Forever 21 to buy a new outfit!

Yes, that snow bank is like ten feet tall.

(…I so wish I was in New Jersey right now! =] )

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  1. Anonymous

    lol, as I am reading this it is snowing quite steadily in NJ. It took me two hours to get to school where it normally only takes me 35 mins. My car nearly spun around entirely to face oncoming traffic and I spun out like three times! Ugh, I hate the snow! I’m complaining lol. But I know this weather cannot hold a candle to yours, so I tip my hat to you for going to school in Buffalo! Stay warm! MichelleBelle

  2. Anonymous

    HAHAHA! I love the last picture! And even though we didn’t get nearly as much snow as you today- my father’s lovely prize of a car that I am so honored to be allowed to drive-is incapable of handling small puddles, nevermind fluffy thin snow flakes! I got 10 feet out of my driveway and started swerving….mind you, I was going 5 mph. Everytime I tried to brake (which was always 100 ft before the stop sign/light) the car would start shaking and the stearing wheel would lock. In attempts to get to work this morning I stared death in the face probably 25 times. And a drive that normally takes me 15 minutes took me almost 40. Oh yeah…did I meantion the heat doesn’t work? And my fingers were frozen to the stearing wheel hahaha, I LITERALLY pealed them off slowly so I wouldn’t tear skin. Not joking. I was so frightened during my drive that my frozen fingers were ignored and my tight grip assisted in further freezing them to the wheel. But of course, even with all of this you win the prize of shittiest and coldest winter! I’m buying you a heated snuggie next christmas and you can wear it to class! hahah


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