When I first started this blog, it was a means to keep our family updated with our cross-country travels and from there, has evolved into what you all know and love – Rhythm of Our Lives. Although the blog is personally satisfying for me – I get to outlet my feelings and interests, share my passions and what motivates me, and hope (key word here, HOPE) that other people read it and in turn get inspired by the meager things I have to say, sometimes I debate whether or not it’s worth it to keep it going.

The blog is similar to one of those things that you’ve worked on for an extended period of time and keep at it simply because you’ve been doing it for so long. I’ve wondered if it’s worth the time and effort, if other people are enjoying it, if anything will ever come of it, and a whole long list of other typical reasons we give ourselves to try and talk ourselves out of the extra work (isn’t it funny that our minds do that subconsciously?). I’ve been hoping to see some kind of a sign that clearly shows me that all my efforts with the blog are worth it. Amazingly enough – that sign came to me this past weekend in the form of lunch with a new friend!

Nicchia, who had stumbled upon our blog, reached out to me a few weeks ago saying that she’d be in town for Labor Day Weekend! Being from Australia, she was interested in meeting up since she didn’t know too many people in the area. After recovering from my shock of receiving a message from an actual human from across the world, who reads MY blog, I excitedly responded – ummm YES I’d love to meet up!

We met for lunch this past Saturday at People’s Market in OB. Nicchia was staying at the multi-colored hostel in Ocean Beach, so we chose our lunch place based on her location and my eating restrictions, but she was pumped with the suggestion, as organic and health food options are difficult to get where she lives in Australia.

Nicchia, a fellow blogger who works with a company called Start Your Life, is currently following her own dream of traveling the world while working remotely! She’s currently in the states for a month- from San Diego she was headed to Santa Monica!

To sum up how lunch went in several words – it was AWESOME! We shared stories of our successes, chatted about life plans and future dreams, talked about our blogs (see hers here), and even made plans to see each other in the future (tentative travel plans, yes, but John and I are determined to see the 5 year plan work and our dream to travel the world fulfilled.)

Aside from being inspirational and motivating, our lunch was beautiful for one specific reason in particular: it gave me the sign I had been looking for! Meeting someone that we had connected with through the blog was literally one of my hopes and dreams. To know that someone else, on the other side of the world no less, actually reads and enjoys what I have to say – that, my friends, is a gift like no other, and one that has given me new fervor to keep up with the blog! It was like that glorious moment when you hear the halleluiah chorus, place the last puzzle piece, or finish a marathon. For me, it was splendid mind fireworks of glee, confirming that I do love the blog, and I love how it’s affecting my life! Because of it, I now have a new friend and I hope she’s not the last! I’m so thankful she reached out to us, as our visit with this beautiful, inspiring lady makes me so happy to be following my own dreams!

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