On Friday, John and I went to a showing of The Room with our friends Amanda and Orville, who I work with at DT.  For those of you who don’t know what The Room is, or haven’t seen it, it’s pretty much one of the most awful movies ever made – like a 3.2 on IMDB crappy.  But it has this crazy fan base of people who like it simply because the movie is just SO BAD that it’s actually good and a bit entertaining.

The showings are really fun to go to because everyone gets really into the movie and is so rowdy.  Everyone wears “The Room” t-shirts and accessories that play on stupid jokes from the movie – for example, in the movie, in many of the scenes the characters stand a few feet away from each other and toss a football back and forth.  It’s such a weird scene and no one understands why they’d be doing that in real life, but because of it, everyone brings footballs and tosses them around to each other.  It’s that kind of thing that makes the showing an interesting experience.  There were actually two guys sitting near us that would get up and toss the football to each other in the aisle of the theater every time they tossed the football on screen!  Haha, it was soo funny!

Showings of The Room seem to be events that pretty much everyone pregames for, which makes for a very loud and rambunctious crowd.  At certain scenes, people scream different noises or words, for instance, whenever someone would kiss or make out, the scenes are so weird with repetitive smoochy kissing, and everyone makes a moaning noise over and over.  Or, for some reason, the decorations in the movie consist of so many framed pictures of spoons.  Every time you could see the framed pictures of spoons in the shot, the whole crowd would scream “SPOONS” and toss handfuls of plastic spoons in the air!

We even saw the main star of the movie, who is also the writer and director of the awful film, Tommy Wiseau.  He’s in the picture to the left, and even though it’s a bit grainy and dark, you can still see him!  He did a question and answer session before the movie started which was absolutely ridiculous and hysterical!  Needless to say, it was incredibly entertaining, and a really fun night.  We had a great time with Orville and Amanda, and enjoyed watching and experiencing the live-action awesomeness of The Room together.

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