When she wakes up in the morning she reaches out and pets her dog. A companion so faithful, so loving, so trusting. Not an early riser, she wills her eyes to open and tries to rub the sleepiness from them with hands that have worked so hard. She rolls out of bed and showers, waking herself as droplets of water stream down her naked body, still slim and taught despite her age. After showering she gets herself ready, always looking fabulous and fashionable so that everyone that sees her is jealous of her beauty. She rushes to finish getting ready, and grabs the pet that accompanies her wherever she goes. She gets into her flashy corvette and begins her drive to work. She ignores the looks that she receives from men driving past, and disregards the landscapers that hoot at her from the sidewalk. After several minutes she arrives at work, a place that she built, a place that she owns, a place that is hers. She approaches the entrance with pride, and enters the door with a smile. “Hello All,” she bellows upon entry as she greets her employees and friends with kisses. There is pride in her voice as she asks about the day’s schedule and is pleased that it will be a profitable day. The people around her respect her, are amazed at her success, and stunned by the way that she handles herself and her business. I look at her admiringly, hoping that one day I will be as successful as she, and yet still be so happy. She makes her way up to her office, stopping to greet every person in her path with a vibrant smile and excited hello. She sits at her desk and deals with the company’s problems. Makes sure that her employees are relaxed and calm, her clients are happy, and her business is running smoothly. Her constant presence in the salon ensures its success and she is involved in any issue that arises. She stays there all day, works long hours that no one would voluntarily want. She is a friend, a companion, yet the owner. Her power is obvious to all at the salon, and they respect her decisions and successes. She is there until the night is dark and doesn’t leave until the day is nearly done. She picks up her dog before leaving and departs with a bellowing “Goodnight all.” They wave and say goodbye as she exits, and she walks alone to her car. She drives herself home and gets ready for bed. There is no one there to greet her when she gets home, no one waiting to give her a kiss hello. There is no one to talk to but her beloved dog, her pet, her companion. She watches TV before sleeping, and is snuggled in her bed alone. She falls asleep and has many dreams. When she wakes up in the morning she reaches out and pets her dog. A companion so faithful, so loving, so trusting…

This woman is successful. She is confident. She is respected. She is my aunt.

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    This is so sweet, Melis! At first I thought you just posted it from somewhere. You are such a good writer!



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