We’ve been in San Diego one week today!  It has been a glorious week of gorgeous weather, getting settled in, and exploring our new surroundings!  We have also been eating some really great food!  The produce here is amazing – so many fresh fruits and veges, I’m in heaven!  It’s nice to finally be able to cook when we want to with our little kitchen.  We’ve also been exploring some more of the local spots, and have tried Mexican, Brazilian, and a delicious café since I last wrote a post.  We’re scoping out some good spots to take our first visitors (that and the weather should be incentive enough)!

On Wednesday night John and I hung out with one of my old friends Jed!  We established that it has probably been over ten years since we’ve seen each other, and we had an amazing time catching up.  John and I went to Jed’s new house that he just purchased and hung out with him, his girlfriend Jamile, and her brother Brian.  We had a delightful time hanging around a campfire in his backyard, and had such a great time that we made plans for lunch the following day.

On Thursday, we ate at this unbelievable Brazilian restaurant called Rei Do Gado.  There was a lunch special for $18 all-you-can-eat, and for the amount of food and delicious meats we ate, it was SO worth the price.  Not only did the restaurant have an amazing buffet, with everything from different types of rice, to various salads, to a variety of fresh fruits, there were also nine types of meat.  Waiters would bring the meat, fresh and dripping with juices, still on the skewer, and slice the meat right off onto your plate.  They were coming around so fast that I couldn’t even finish one piece of meat before the next came.  There were different types of chicken, pork, and beef.  We even tried one of Jamile’s favorites – chicken hearts!  John and I had skipped breakfast, and we were still full from lunch at about 9pm, so ended up just having a salad for dinner!

We’ve been trying to take walks and enjoy the gorgeous weather and we’ve even been able to go to the beach.  We checked out Ocean Beach Friday morning for a bit, and it was amazing.  Only a ten-minute drive from our apartment, which I was super excited about!

Today John and I went to Little Italy, where an art fair was taking place.  We had a delicious lunch, walked around the fair, and then walked down by the water to the port.  It has been so amazing here for the past week, and we are so excited for the weeks to come!

We have been applying to jobs, too, and plan on getting more into the job searching this upcoming week.  If anyone hears of any job openings or has any connections, please let us know! :-)

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