Right after we arrived in California, John and I were browsing Kickstarter campaigns and stumbled across one that peaked our interest.  It was a campaign to raise money for an iPhone app called One Second Everyday.  It was an app designed to splice one second of video and automatically save it for each day.  If you accidentally forgot a day, you couldn’t go back and add a video.  You could then compile the short clips into a video, giving you a fun snapshot back on that period of time.

Since we had just finished our road trip, we were super bummed that we hadn’t known about it just a few weeks earlier!  It would have been so cool to capture one second of video every day along our seven-week journey across the country!

We decided to download the app anyways and found it on the iTunes App Store.  We excitedly began shooting our brief daily clips and took videos for several months.  Unfortunately, since the app was so new though, it was really buggy and after a while we kind of gave up on it due to its instability.

While we were compiling the videos, a lot of the data got a little scrambled, so when viewing, you may notice momentary black screens, videos that seem a little random (like clips of me eating in the digital-telepathy video), and some dates being messed up in the bottom left hand corner.  Despite the app’s shortcomings though, John and I loved the concept and think our videos came out awesome!  We’re just hoping they can fix more of the bugs before we’re ready to record our next compilation!

Life at digital-telepathy

This video was a bit of a personal passion project for me.  I discretely (and sometimes creepily) shot these videos because I thought it was a really special way of showing the great times we have together at work.  We have so much fun on the day-to-day and one second of video taken daily did a great job of capturing that camaraderie.  Of course, I was only at work five days a week, so you’ll also get a glimpse of what John and I were up to on the weekends. =)

Life As We Know It

This compilation is such a fun one – a three-minute video that captures over six months of good times in California.  It’s so fun for us to watch and remember all the fun that we had each day and every day.  One of the reasons I love this app so much is because one second of video, although it doesn’t seem like much, can bring back an entire day’s worth of memories.  When watching, the clip of a tree from our favorite park near the apartment we used to live reminds me of the walks we took there each evening.  There’s a clip of me about to put sushi in my mouth, where I remember laughing with John hysterically just moments earlier.  I love that this app brings you back to those memories in a way that pictures can’t.

One Second of Eating Everyday

I just want to go on the record and say that yes, I am weird, and yes, I think this video of myself is absolutely hysterical.  Is it embarrassing?  Of course!  But it’s so good and I find it so funny that I couldn’t keep the hilarity to myself for our own personal enjoyment.  I hope that you enjoy this compilation of nearly four months of one-second clip compilations – all taken while I was enjoying food or beverages.

I love this app for what it can do, I just wish it was a little less buggy!  I heard that they came out with some new updates that made the experience a little smoother, so maybe I’ll have to give it another go.  So, what do you think?  Did reading this make you want to download the app for yourself?  Can you think of any other scenarios that this app would be cool for aside from capturing your day-to-day, like travel or eating?

For further reading, check out the One Second Everyday Kickstarter Campaign – it’s pretty sweet.

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