After all the errands that John and I did on Wednesday, we decided to put in a solid day of applications on Thursday.  Since it wasn’t a very exciting day, I’ll skip right to Friday!  Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day in San Diego – sunny and 85 degrees, so John and I decided it was a perfect day to be spent at the beach!  We arrived late morning and spent most of our afternoon soaking up the sun and enjoying the day!  John went in the water, but I didn’t because I thought it was too cold (I’m a wuss)!  There were so many surfers out in the water, which was really fun to watch while we were relaxing, and John and I spent some time catching up on our reading.

After the beach, John and I ran home for a quick dinner and then headed out to Sunset Cliffs to watch the sunset, which was absolutely unbelievable!  Instead of a beach at the edge of the water, there are cliffs, which made for an optimal picture taking spot.  The sunset was breathtaking and we definitely want to check out that spot again in the future.  Some of the pictures we were able to take are wildly beautiful!

Once the sun had set, John and I headed to Ocean Beach for the second time that day, but this time to meet up with one of John’s friend’s from high school and college, John, and John’s girlfriend Heather.  We met at a bar called Sunshine Company and had a great time playing a bunch of games of pool.  The teams were John and me vs. John and Heather.  John and I won the first game and then proceeded to lose what felt like the next ten games, but it was probably only five or six.  Despite our losing streak, we had a blast, and I really enjoyed meeting John and Heather!

On Saturday morning John and I woke up early and headed to the Little Italy farmer’s market, where we did some shopping and ended up getting some great stuff!  The farmer’s markets around here are amazing!  The one in Little Italy has over 150 stands that sell everything from meats, fish, fresh organic produce, smoothies, crafts, hummus, oil & vinegar, clothes, etc.  You name it, they probably have it, and it is probably top-notch, not too expensive, usually organic, and great quality.  I had a blast and can’t wait to have a big refrigerator so that I can fit all that I want to buy at these markets!  We bought two giant artichokes that I can’t wait to cook, some lemonade (fresh squeezed and honestly the most delicious lemonade I’ve ever had), a great parmesan garlic olive oil for bread dipping and cooking, and some lovely mother’s day gifts for mine and John’s moms.

After the farmer’s market, John and I headed over to Old Town, which is this awesome part of San Diego that has a really old fashioned theme to it.  It is like a giant park in the center of “town” and surrounding the whole area are buildings that look as though they are straight out of an old-time western movie.  In Old Town they were celebrating Cinco De Mayo with a huge festival that usually brings in about 250,000 visitors.  Jed, Jamile, and Brian met up with us at the festival and we had a great night enjoying Mexican music, dance, margaritas, and a delicious dinner of quesadillas, enchiladas, and tacos!  There was also a huge Redbull sponsored street soccer tournament that was really entertaining to watch!  It was a fun night, and the people around here really celebrate Cinco De Mayo since San Diego is so close to Mexico!

Today John was up early to go play a pick-up game of soccer with Jed and Brian.  Although one of the only people who didn’t know how to speak Portuguese, John had a great time playing, and hopes to go back again next weekend.

Aside from being Cinco De Mayo, today is Greek Easter!  Xristos Anesti!  Tonight John and I are hoping to find a Greek restaurant, since I unfortunately do not currently have a kitchen capable of cooking our traditional Easter meal, and I would be depressed to miss out on the deliciousness completely.  I’m sure we’ll have a great dinner, and I’m jealous of my family in New Jersey, because Christina sent me a picture of Easter dinner and it looked unbelievable.  One of the downsides to being cross-country!  Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys their holidays today, and until next time, thanks for reading!

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