Yesterday John and I checked out the San Diego Zoo again, this time to see the new exhibit- Koalafornia!  It was really fun, the koalas were so cute!! Although they were mostly sleeping, there were one or two slightly moving, so I was able to snap pictures of their cute little faces! I wanted to bring one home with me!  We were also able to catch one of the zookeepers’ information sessions about cheetahs.  Not only was the zookeeper talking about cheetahs, she was PETTING a cheetah!  Now I have a new life aspiration – I want a cheetah!  Haha, just kidding!

Since we ran all of our errands yesterday morning, John and I are going to spend today relaxing. We’re going to pack a picnic and a blanket and spend our afternoon at the park! It’s another gorgeous San Diego day so we want to get out there and enjoy it!  And yesterday we had In-N-Out Burger for the first time since we moved!

Happy Fathers Day readers, enjoy the day!

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