Yesterday at digital-telepathy we played a fun gift exchange game!  The instructions are hard to explain, so I’ll spare you all the trouble of reading them. :)  We started off the game right after our morning scrum, and spent a crazed morning trading gifts and sharing laughter!  At noon, we gathered ’round for lunch, and opened our gifts while we ate.  Some of them were so funny!  We had a wonderful time together and are now all in the Christmas mood after our holiday meal and gift opening extravaganza!

Our chefs also surprised us with a delicious holiday-themed meal yesterday that was absolutely scrumptious.  They prepared a delectable spinach salad, borscht soup made with fresh beets, roasted ham, and mashed potatoes smothered in mushroom gravy.

Desert was super awesome too, and prepared by one of our team members, Dave, and his wife, Adrienne.  They made tasty treats for us at DT, and we were all lucky enough to indulge in Ghirardelli dark chocolate fudge with crystalized ginger, chocolate shortbread, Danish butter cookies, and a cranberry spice cake.  All of us were raving about the fudge and many said it was the best they ever had!  A huge thank you to Dave and Adrienne for preparing such delicious holiday treats!

I’m off to New Jersey today to spend the weekend with my family for the holidays!  I can’t wait to get there, but I am NOT looking forward to the cold winter weather now that I’m so used to San Diego’s endless summer!

(Another shout out to my coworker Jamie Hamel-Smith for allowing me to use his outstanding photos!)

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