Wow, talk about a busy November!  I feel like it was just my Birthday a few days ago, and yet, so much has happened since then!  As you know from my last post, my birthday was a beautiful celebration spent with great friends.  I couldn’t have imagined a better birthday despite not being able to sip drinks, go out to dinner, or eat birthday cake – it was honestly one of my best birthdays yet!  Since then, life has been CRAZY!  Let me fill you in! :)

IMG_2530On halloween, the weekend right after my birthday, John and I had an awesome night out with friends.  We’d spent several weeks perfecting our DIY costumes and were excited to debut them.  We had made DIY Team Rocket costumes to surprise our friend Dan who was dressing up as Ash.  As we were pre gaming, enjoying time with our friends, and taking pictures in our Team Rocket outfits, John slipped out of the apartment unnoticed.  It wasn’t until he got back with an unexpected guest that I even noticed he’d been gone!  The guest was wearing a “Happy Birthday” hat and a pink mask, was dancing weirdly around, and kept saying “Happy birthdayyyy” in a creepy voice.  I didn’t know who it was or what they were doing – I was in shock!  You should have seen my face!  I hesitantly approached the guest and removed her mask – to find my godmother, Nouna!!  She had flown all the way from NJ to surprise me for my birthday weekend!  I was so excited!

After our halloween night on the town, we spent our weekend relaxing and enjoying Nouna’s visit.  Although I wasn’t feeling great stomach-wise, it was so fun to snuggle up with her and watch movies, hang out, and just chill.  I was able to muster up the energy to show her one of our favorite San Diego sites, Balboa Park, too, and she loved it!  Overall, her visit was such a great birthday surprise!

IMG_2875_2IMG_2872The day after Nouna left, my mom and her boyfriend Chris flew into town to visit!  They stayed for a week and although I wasn’t able to do as much sightseeing as them, I pointed them in the right directions so they could see much of what San Diego has to offer! :)  I was able to do some stuff, though, and it was fun showing them where I buy my vegetables at the local market, visiting John’s work, and checking out sites like the wedding venue!  While my mom was in town we even found my wedding dress!!!  We had so much fun visiting with my parents and were so sad to see them go.

BUT, we weren’t sad for long, as the day after my parents left, John’s mom flew into town!  Since she had to work in LA this week, she came up a few days early to spend the weekend with us.  John and his mom spent a lot of time IMG_3090together exploring the area and eating out at a lot of delicious local restaurants.  Since I haven’t been able to eat out at restaurants for a while, John was eager to have a meal companion in his mom, and he enjoyed showing her some of our favorite San Diego eats while she was in town.  We also had a blast showing John’s mom our wedding venue, exploring our preferred wedding hotel (the Hyatt Regency), and checking out venues for the rehearsal dinner.  We’re all getting so excited for July 2015!  John’s mom took off for LA this past Monday, ending our two-and-a-half week streak of guests.

Despite the last week being busy with family, it was great to have them around.  Not only were they fun to hang out with, they were all so helpful in getting me to doctor’s appointments, cook meals, clean up, and do simple life things that may seem easy to others, but for me being as sick as I’ve been, seemed like daunting tasks.  All our visitors came at the perfect time for when I needed them the most.


Up until this past Saturday, most of October and all of November were extremely rough in regards to stomach symptoms.  Every day I’d wake up and seem to feel worse, if that was even possible.  The smell of food sent me reeling, I was nauseous every minute of every day, and I was so low on energy.  My detox symptoms were a bitch and a half – I’m not below admitting that I was discouraged, I was so low and down on myself and I knew it!

With my family in town, I took advantage of their help and rental car, booking over ten doctor’s appointments in a two-week span.  I had nutrient IVs to help boost my immune system, colonics to assist with detox elimination, a lymphatic drainage to help reduce the swelling in my glands and lymph nodes, a hypnosis appointment with an intuitive healer to manage the toxic emotions, a meeting with the nutritionist to reassess my case, and a Cranio Sacral massage to stimulate my gut nerve function.  I was ready to be better, goddammit, and I was determined to do any and everything that might help me through.

And you know what?  I think some treatment, or maybe a combination of all of them, or maybe it was just time (it has been eleven months after all)- regardless, I THINK SOMETHING WORKED!!!  Since Saturday I have been feeling somewhat human!!  Halfway through my Cranio Sacral massage, my stomach started to rumble, and I was HUNGRY!  It may not seem significant, but when the thought of food makes you nauseous for eleven months straight, the yearning for a bite of food was a godsend.  I went home and ate!  And ate so much actually that I hit 2,500 calories, which for me is HUGE!  I also ate over 2000 calories Sunday and Monday of this week, and am determined to keep it up.  Although I still have months of recovery and a long journey ahead of me, it feels SO GOOD to finally (hopefully) be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

IMG_2570This past Friday I retook the SIBO test, as well, so I should have results from that by the end of this week!  I’m trying not to be too hopeful, but jeez, am I anxious to find out how the treatment went.  When we tested in August, my case was extreme and I had very high levels of toxic gasses being produced in my body.  I can only hope that it’s gotten better, and I’m so excited to see what the test results come back with.  I’ve never been so determined to do anything than I have been to beat this SIBO!  I haven’t even cheated in any way since starting this whole ordeal in January!  (Get excited for my future post on staying motivated ;)

Hopefully by next week I’ll have good news to report in regards to my SIBO results, and until then, I’m just focusing on taking each day as it comes, eager to be feeling a little more alive with each breath I take.  I’m determined to get better, and these past few days have been exactly the sign I’ve needed to keep on plugging along. :)

So, as you can see, the past two weeks have been pretty busy. =P With our guests in town, doctors appointments up the wazoo, and feeling so sick, I needed to prioritize my life tasks.  At first I was hard on myself for missing the last two weeks of blog posting, but then I remembered my new life mantra (that I need to remind myself of dozens of times a day still): “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”  Yes, of course I like keeping up with my blog schedule, and am proud that up until two weeks ago, I hadn’t missed a post yet.  But you know what I realized?  Sometimes just because it’s on your to-do list, doesn’t mean it’s going to get done.  When I sat and thought about the repercussions of missing a week or two of blogging, there weren’t even any to think about – Aside from all of you readers being so incredibly disappointed at not having any new material to read for two weeks, of course ;)

So I’d say I made the right choice.  And for now, I’m happy to be back – I missed writing.


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  1. Mrs R

    Melissa, I’m sorry to hear about your stomach troubles. I hope that your new treatments do the trick. It is admirable that you are making the best of things.

    I remember meeting your Mom’s boyfriend (I don’t know why I though she’d was married to him?) at Hawthorne years ago. He seemed very sweet and attentive. I am so happy for your mom. Love prevails! <3

    Love Balboa Park! We last visited SD 2 years ago. Bob's sister lives in La Mesa and my dearest friend lives in Escondido.

    Is the Hyatt Regency in Mission Bay or La Jolla? Both are beautiful!

    Take care!

    • Melissa

      Hello! Thank you for your thoughtfulness about my stomach troubles! Thankfully, things have been going well and my recovery hasn’t been too difficult. I’m just plugging along! I love Balboa park, that’s actually where John proposed to me! Such great memories in that park already, and I’m sure there are many more to be made there. The Hyatt Regency is in Mission Bay, it is where the guests will be staying at our wedding! We’re getting married at the Garty Pavilion at the San Diego Rowing Club in July, it’s coming up quick!


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