Since John and I moved to San Diego, people often ask how we did it.  “How did we find jobs once we got here?”  “How did we find a place to stay?”  “Was it weird adapting?”  And one of the most daunting, “Are you able to make friends?”  It’s hard moving to a new city no matter what – add making the journey to a city where you don’t know anyone else, and it gets even more difficult.  As humans, most of us are very social creatures, so of course, one of our primary fears before moving is the potential lack of companionship.

So, for all of you out there who share those same fears, John and I have been making some really amazing friends lately, and it’s been making me so happy that I felt it needed its own post!  There, I said it!  How awesome is that?!

Over the course of our year here, it’s been relatively easy to make friends.  People in San Diego are very friendly, the team that I worked with at Digital-telepathy was welcoming, and we’re around young people our age regularly, making it easy to meet people.  However, despite the amount of friends we were making, not many of them were close, best friends, but recently, that’s started to change!

I think it has something to do with the length of time we’ve been in San Diego.  Now that we’ve been here just about a year and a half, some of our acquaintances are developing into awesome friends.  Something similar happened to our two friends, Jason and Shannon, who live in San Francisco, too.  They moved there several years ago the same way that John and I moved out to San Diego – packed up their bags, hopped in the car, and started driving.  When we first visited them, a few months after they moved, they told us how they’d made some friends, but hadn’t gotten to the point of “best” or super close friends with anyone yet.  The second time we visited them, just under a year later, they were surrounded with super-close, fun friends that we also enjoyed spending time with and getting to know while we visited.

The same thing has been happening to us lately too!  Whether its tanning by the pool, going to a bar, or just hanging out in one of our backyards, we’re all having a wonderful time getting closer and learning more about each other.  We’ve been getting invited to celebrate birthdays, join in activities, and are even planning on attending a California “Friendsgiving” this year!

One word of advice that I do have, is to be outgoing!  Invite others to do things and in turn, they’ll start inviting you to theirs!  John and I try and make an effort to plan at least one fun activity with friends a week.  That way, even if we don’t get invited to anything else (which rarely happens), we still have at minimum one fun thing to look forward to and we’re seeing at least one of our friends.  Also, if you’re hanging out with a welcoming group, see if they wouldn’t mind if you invited some of your other friends along – there’s nothing more amazing than a friendship meld!

So, if you’ve recently moved to a new area and are discouraged that you haven’t made too many best friends yet, don’t despair!  It’s only a matter of time before you’re making best friends that share similar interests, want to partake in the same activities, and are supportive of all your hair-brained ideas!  Or, if you’re debating making a move for fear of not making friends once you get there – don’t be silly, I know you’ll make plenty – get packing! =-P


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