San Diego has been amazing so far!!  Every day that we have been here has been about seventy degrees and so beautifully sunny!!  We thankfully got our blackout curtains, but it is so nice to open them and have sun streaming through the windows all day!  John and I haven’t closed our windows since we got here and it is great to be able to feel the breeze while we sleep!

The neighborhood that we are in is really cute and fun.  We are within walking distance of some really great restaurants, and only about a five-minute walk from a really beautiful park.  Also, the other day at the park, there was a little ice cream man with an ice cream cart and the Strawberry Shortcake bar that I purchased was ONE DOLLAR!!!  I was elated and had been expecting to pay like three dollars.  It may not seem like a big deal to some, but I was overjoyed, and it made my day!  I now plan on searching for that little ice cream man every time I go to the park!

IMG_5393On Sunday night John and I found an amazing sushi place to eat dinner called Sushi Deli.  Seriously, SO GOOD!  I couldn’t get enough of the sushi; it was absolutely unbelievable.  And cheap, too!  We were talking to some locals before being seated for dinner and they were saying that although cheap, the quality of the sushi is amazing and for the same meal right up the road you could easily pay over one hundred dollars for two people.  Our meal and three drinks was less than $40 including tip!  I have a feeling that it is going to be one of our go-to places, and I can’t wait for some of my sushi loving friends to come visit us so I can take them there!  (hint hint Lindsey and Erin!)

Yesterday John and I got a ton of errands done.  We spent a few hours at the DMV getting our new California license plates!  Margarita, (my car), is looking so beautiful wearing her pretty new swag!  We also hung my old NJ plate in our apartment as a decorative item.  Reminds us of the road trip :-)  Yesterday we also got a ton of other stuff done and ran so many errands, but that’s all boring stuff, so I’ll continue to tell you about the fun!

Today John and I embraced our unemployment by going to see one of John’s favorite soccer teams, Bayren Munich, play at a bar called The Shakespeare.  It was a really great place and it was fun to be able to watch the game even though it was 11am on a weekday.  The bar was packed for the game, too, which made it really fun to watch.  We also got a really delicious lunch and overall had an awesome time.

Right now I’m relaxing on our bed, enjoying the sun coming through our nice, big, open sliding glass doors!  Jealous? ;-P

Pictures of some of our first meals in the apartment, and in the middle a really delicious Kahlua and coffee I got during the soccer game!

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