This past weekend John and I had an amazing time out and about San Diego.  We even did a bunch of activities outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather!  Not to rub it in east coast, but San Diego winters aren’t too bad – they provide the perfect weather for hiking and volunteering on a farm! :)

We started out our weekend bright and early Saturday morning with a trip to Blue Sky Ranch, a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm.  We invited our friends Ben and Jess along, who had never been to the farm, and they ended up loving it just as much as we do!

Blue Sky Ranch is a self-sustaining farm that provides locals with a weekly farm basket.  I had coordinated a weekly fruit delivery at my old job, which is how I met the main farmer, Taj (read about our last visit here).  Since leaving DT, Taj and I have kept in touch, and John and I try to make it out to the farm every few months to volunteer our time.  We both find it really enjoyable and relaxing to get away from the city and get our hands dirty planting some veggies.  It’s also really fulfilling to just give back to the community!  This visit was no different, and we were excited to share the fun with Ben and Jess, who enjoyed the farm visit just as much as we did!  We’re all hoping to visit and volunteer again soon!

After our farm visit, Ben and Jess headed off to a San Diego Brew Fest, and we met up with our friends JJ and Lindsey.  We wanted to do something fun and different that we hadn’t done before, and our friends had the great idea of checking out the San Diego Museum of Natural History in Balboa Park.

JJ and Lindsey had never been to Balboa Park, so we walked through the park a bit on our way to the museum.  As I’m sure many of you that have visited us know, Balboa Park is one of mine and John’s favorite spots in all of San Diego, so it was a blast showing Lindsey and JJ the park for the first time even though they’ve lived in San Diego for several months!

Once we explored the park a bit, we headed to the museum, and spent the afternoon perusing a variety of exhibits.  We were able to see almost everything in the museum within a few hours (except for the King Tut exhibit, which cost extra).  We lucked out on the day we chose to visit, too, as it was the first day the museum’s new exhibit was open – Coast to Cactus.  In addition to being able to see the brand new exhibit, they were also offering $5 off every ticket purchased, which was clutch, not only because we saved $10, but because I don’t think I would have been happy to have paid the full $17 for an adult ticket for what the museum had to offer.  But that could just be me, I know museums tend to be expensive.  :)  My favorite exhibit was called “Best of Nature Photography” and consisted of several dozen stunning nature photographs.  We also lucked out on timing and were able to catch a sweet 3-D Dinosaur movie!

After our busy Saturday, John and I were too tired to do much that evening, but went to bed early to rest up for our hike on Sunday morning.  We were up bright and early once again, but this time for a Sunday morning hike at Mission Trails with our friends.  The hike wasn’t too strenuous, which was fantastic for those of us that weren’t avid hikers, but despite it’s expertise level, it was still a gorgeous hike.  We all had a blast trailblazing and seeing the beautiful sites along the way.  Since it’s been raining a lot this winter in San Diego, everything on the hike seemed exceptionally green, which was so awesome!  It’s rare that San Diego doesn’t look like a dessert, and we’ve been in a serious drought so the rain has been such a blessing (also, a lot of rain by San Diego standards is much different than back east, I think it’s still rained less than ten times this year, so when it does rain, it’s awesome).

Despite it being “winter”, San Diego has still been gorgeous.  I’m thankful every day that I live somewhere I love, and there’s no other spot I’d prefer to be currently “unemployed”.  It’s amazing how much time we spend outdoors now, and this weekend was no exception.  I hope you all don’t hate me too much after reading this post, but instead, think about where you’d like to ideally be living in life.  If you thought of a different city than the one you’re currently in, what are you proactively doing to make the move?

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