Today I had a fun lunch with the three other girls that I work with.  We went to a delicious place called Zanzibar’s and had some fun drinks and good food.  On the way to the restaurant for lunch, we passed by a man and his pet pig, Hamilton.  I took a picture with him!  His fur was so prickly, but I thought he was cute!

After work, John and I got ready for our delicious dinner that we had planned.  We went to an outstanding restaurant called Island Prime to celebrate our new jobs and my house closing a few weeks ago.  We have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for, as we have only been in San Diego two months and are both already working full time!  Island Prime had some delicious food, every dish being delivered to tables around us caught our eye.  We were finally able to decide on what to eat, and I ordered a Lobster Bisque and a Scallop entree, while John chose an escargot appetizer and the most amazing pork chop.  The restaurant was right on the water and we got a table right next to one of the giant windows that gave us the perfect view of the gorgeous sunset.  We even got to witness someone propose to his girlfriend while eating dinner, and she said yes!  It was really cute.

The picture on the left is one we took right before dinner, the two in the middle are the view out the window from our table at our celebratory dinner and all the way on the left is a  picture of my scrumptious lobster bisque!

On the left is John’s escargot appetizer, which was delicious, escargot baked under a puff pastry – think chicken pot pie only wayyyyy better.  A picture of John’s pork chops are in the middle, they were deliciously matched with bacon, baked apples, and grapes. And lastly, but definitely not least, the picture on the right is of two of my delicious scallops over crusted risotto.  Deliciousness, can’t wait to indulge in my leftovers!

Upon exiting the restaurant, we noticed fireworks in the distance above the city skyline and decided to stick around to watch.  It was a great ending to a simply outstanding day!

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