20 People, 3 Groupons and 1 Luggage Full of Props equals Priceless Photos

I’ve written about some of the events I’ve planned for our monthly “Fab Fridays” at digital-telepathy, but last month’s was simply too good not to share!  Each month, I try and plan an event that fulfills the following objectives:

  • An event or activity that DT has never done before, (to take our team where no member has been before).  I mean, let’s face it, no one likes repeats.
  • Something the whole team can enjoy (this has been a bit more of a challenge after hiring our 18-year old employee, Alex, who can’t drink for obvious reasons).
  • Provides the team the opportunity to get to know each other better.
  • Involves laughter and fun.

I try and achieve all these objectives when planning each month, while being conscientious of my monthly budget.  Sometimes it can be quite a challenge – especially as our team continues to grow!

Last month, Arnold, President of digital-telepathy, had an AMAZING suggestion for a Fab Friday – a JC Penney “Awkward Family Photo” shoot.  I was sold!  We bought three groupons online (JC Penney only allows up to ten people per shoot, so we had to purchase multiples), and I excitedly booked our reservation.

I broke the team down into three groups, and each group began planning its shoot.  The day of, everyone showed up with their accessories, and Brent even showed up with an entire luggage (yes, and it was a HUGE luggage) of accessories to share!  We were ready for our debut.

We arrived at JC Penney and I spoke to the associate on staff, who was completely on board with what we were doing, and immediately became a rockstar photographer, telling us how to pose and positioning us for shots focusing on optimal hilarity.

We were in stitches watching each group take their turn, and we experienced a level of closeness that might be considered inappropriate to others (take note of the seven-man pyramid picture).  It was truly a wonderful time and incredible bonding experience.  I hope you enjoy all the pictures!

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