This year for digital-telepathy’s holiday party, we wanted to host an event that would really give the team time to bond and enjoy each others’ company. As our party planning committee brainstormed ideas, we shuffled through a variety of options that just didn’t feel “us”. Lasertag, talent show, comedy club, roller rink; all valid propositions, but activities similar to our monthly “Fabulous Friday” endeavors. We needed the perfect holiday party idea. After a few weeks of discussion, someone asked the question “What about an office sleepover?”

This prospect excited us members of the party planning committee, and after researching some fun spots around San Diego, we found a true gem – The Pearl Hotel in Point Loma. Cute venue with 23 hotel rooms, a pool deck, and flexibility for the date we wanted? SCORE!

Our planning committee was super pumped about The Pearl, and we enthusiastically began crafting our meaningful experience for the team. Several planning sessions, a Costco run, and dozens of emails later, we were ready to host our stellar holiday bash!

Although the team knew what date the party was being planned, we didn’t clue them in to details until a week prior. During lunch the week before we announced some details – only those that were pertinent, like location – we wanted the rest to be a surprise!

Our guests started arriving at The Pearl at about 6:30 on Saturday night, and immediately began enjoying appetizers and our open bar! After cocktail hour, we all enjoyed a scrumptious meal of Spinach Salad, Rosemary Roasted Chicken Breast with Caramelized Cipollini Onion Demi, NY Strip with Horseradish Creme Fraiche, Farmers Market Vegetables with a white wine and garlic sauce, Mashed Potato Bar and Maple Glazed Root Veggies. It was delish!

After dinner, we were ready for one of our first major surprises – an Improv Show! One of our team members, Jason, is a part of the Improv Group, The Hinges, who were gracious enough to join us at our holiday party for an amazing show! It was a hilarious event and the group did a really wonderful job of incorporating several “volunteers” into the mix, as well. They even did a skit about our GM, Laurence’s life – complete with a bit on how he met his wife in an elevator – the team was in stitches. Huge shout out to the Hinges for helping to make our night at The Pearl a success.

Once the improv had come to a close, several people indulged in a fun, nighttime pool swim. Those of us that didn’t partake were pelted brutally with the beautiful decorative pool “pearls”. The lounging people on the pool deck didn’t find it as hilarious as those inside the pool did. =P

Although our open bar was nearing its end, we had another surprise in store! Phase two of our holiday party! When The Pearl told us that the pool deck closed at 10:30, we knew that was too early to end our festivities, so we prepped by planning two additional party “phases”. (We know how to do it right here at DT)

When the pool deck was closing, we rallied our crew and made our way to Phase two – a fully stocked bar, snacks, deserts, and bumpin’ jams were in Chuck and Shannon’s hotel room. Squeals of “There’s a phase two?!?” were quickly quieted with a new drink and loud music. When phase two began to lose participants that were drifting off to bed, we knew it was time to kick the party back into high gear – with phase three!

Phase three was pretty epic. Our Manager of Company Culture’s room was the honeymoon suite, which we had fully decked out with (surprise, surprise) additional drinks, snacks, and a plethora of water (it was time to start rehydrating), but the best part was something no one was expecting. The last few team members who hadn’t yet gone to sleep walked into the room and were faced with flashing laser lights, smoke billowing out of our smoke machine, and an electronic set playing in the background. We even accidentally set off the smoke detector with our smoke machine, oops! Phase three was all we could have hoped and dreamed of. Since no one could remember what time they left phase three to go to bed, our planning committee considers the night an overall success!

Brunch on Sunday morning was planned to take place over two hours – to allow party-goers some extra shut eye if needed :) Our chefs from digital-telepathy’s weekly team lunches, Gage and Julia, attended our party, and were awesome enough to plan brunch for us the next morning. Those suffering from lack of sleep (or a hangover ;) were faced with an awesome brunch spread to ease their pain – fresh gluten free belgian waffles with a variety of toppings, a baked potato frittata, tofu scramble, apple-smoked and turkey bacons, spinach salad, pasta salad, melon, and variety of beverages including mimosa bar.

As we parted ways on Sunday, we were all so much closer than we had been just one day before. Our holiday party had been a smashing success – our main goal had been to provide the team with a fun and exciting event to get to spend more time together and get to know each other on a more personal level. It was especially fun to get to know a bunch of spouses and significant others better, as well! Overall, we concluded that the holiday was a smashing success – and we’re already excited for what’s to come next year!

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