“You’re doing what? I just don’t understand…” his face was extremely skeptical.

“Please just sign the paperwork and let me get back to my desk,” was what I really wanted to say, but for obvious reasons I couldn’t. Here I was, trying to get my manager to sign the documentation for my investment home loan, and for some reason, he could not at all grasp what it was that I was doing.

“I already told you, I’m buying a passive income property.” I gently explained. “It’s a single family home in Tennessee that will make us rental income while building equity in the home.  It’s a fantastic investment opportunity, we’ll make a great return on investment on this particular home. Once the transaction is complete, we’ll be completely hands off, and will earn money passively each month”

“But I don’t understand why you’re buying a house in Tennessee? For what? You haven’t even seen this home either?” Although he’d already asked me these questions, he wasn’t seeming to grasp an understanding of what my plans were.

“Yes, Tennessee,” I laughed, “We’ve never seen it because it’s purely an investment, all numbers. It’s all part of our five year plan.”

He laughed at me, “Oh yea, the five year plan.” He’d shown his disbelief and skepticism of my plans in the past, so I decided to quickly move past it.

“Would you mind please signing the papers?” At this point, I did need to get back to my desk, this was taking longer than I’d anticipated.

“Sure,” he let out an exasperated sigh and grabbed his pen. Thank goodness, I thought. Under his breath he muttered something along the lines of “You probably have to sacrifice a lot to get this house, I still don’t understand why you’re doing it.”

“Delayed gratification,” I quipped, “Delayed gratification.”

There’s a lot of sacrifices that John and I make on a daily basis. We have aggressive goals, are driven by our five year plan, and work hard to stay on track. We have a tight budget, work insane hours, and have developed personal habits that focus on self improvement. We are always, and I literally mean always here, striving to be better. We both want to be the absolute best that we can be, and we offer each other great support and accountability to do so. In short, John and I make an amazing team, not only as life partners, but also as pretty kick ass business partners.

Because we share common interests and similar passions, it’s easy for us to create goals and enthusiastically work to achieve them. We so badly want to see our five year plan achieved, that the energy we get from accomplishing one item after another, literally drives us. Our five year plan is aggressive, yes. For those of you unfamiliar, we hope to create passive income flows over the course of five years in an effort to become financially free and able to travel the world nomadically long-term. But is our five year plan achievable? I think with the right mindset and attitude, anything is! I guess you’ll all have to wait and see what happens, we have just under four years to find out. ;-)

A lot of people, similar to my old manager, are very skeptical of our hopes and dreams. Just because in their minds it seems impossible, they seem surprised that we’d even attempt the idea or try. That’s not how John or I like to think, though, and each time someone discounts the idea or laughs at it, we smile and use that negative energy to fuel our efforts.

Although it would be absolute insanity to reach this level of passive income within five years, on my refrigerator, I have a note that says “Reach $200k per year Passively!” Literally every time I open the refrigerator, I think to myself how badly I want to reach that number, and then envision the steps I’d need to take between now and then to get there. Instead of scaring me, that number excites me. I want to one day get to that point. Yes, it is much farther away than five years, I’m sure, but if and when I am able to achieve it, how wonderful would it be to remember how many years the reminder sat on my fridge. That sense of accomplishment, is the greatest reward of delayed gratification.

I honestly don’t mind that we have a budget. I don’t care that we sometimes have to opt out of things to stay on track with our financial goals. I don’t miss the fact that we don’t have cable television or that expensive dinners are infrequent and reserved for celebrations. Instead, I love having dreams that I work to achieve. I get excited about the fact that I’m sacrificing now for what I want to do later. I am proud of myself and John for having the willpower and mindset needed to accomplish great things. And overall, I’m invigorated by my delayed gratification. At some point I’ll be able to look back and realize we busted our asses to get to that point, and I can’t imagine a reward greater than knowing you are a living, breathing example of a job well done.

I hope I can inspire you to do the same, following your dreams is so rewarding! One of our life passions is learning and teaching others, and we hope to one day be able to spread our knowledge of financial and business education on a much larger scale. If you are interested in learning more about our life plans and goals, need encouragement to get started on your own, have questions, or simply want to connect, please reach out in the comments below. We’d love to share the wealth of knowledge with you.

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  1. FI Monkey


    I just happened upon this post after looking at the #delayedgratification tag I just used in a recent tweet and I must say, this is an inspiring post. I’ll be re-tweeting it myself and following you. Very curious to look back and see what brought you to this point.

    Also, I hope you do reach your goal. The crazier the better, I say!

    • Melissa

      Thanks so much for your positive feedback! A LOT has brought me to this point ;) But it’s all been a very interesting and fantastic learning experience.

      I’m with you, no goal is too crazy! I looked into your instagram, as well, and am pumped for you and your journey! Maybe our paths will cross one day, and we can catch up over tea and share our successes, failures, and dreams! :)

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