Ok, so I’m really bad at writing poems, but I have a fever and felt like doing it cuz i’m bored so whatever. haha.

When life catches up with you and you can’t seem to spare a moment to take a deep breath,
When everything is too chaotic, and you’re missing out on what’s left.
Just take a minute, and look around, relax yourself, take a break,
Life is way too short, spare yourself some time, eat a little cake.
Enjoy the world around you, do crazy things,
Run around naked, find a fling.
Dance like you don’t care, ride with the windows down,
For your birthday this year, buy yourself a crown.
Throw a random party, enjoy time with friends,
Disregard homework, make amends.
Never put off until tomorrow, what you could do today,
Because if tomorrow comes, you don’t want to say:
Damn, I wish I had done that, if only I had tried,
If only I had done this thing, I feel like I should cry.
So therefore now, go out and do,
Something crazy, fun, and new.

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