Hello readers!  This week since Saturday has been exciting to say the least!  On Saturday, John and I went out in Pacific Beach with Jed, Jamile, and Brian to a bar to watch the UFC fight.  We enjoyed appetizers and a few drinks while watching the fight, and afterwards, we decided to head over to a hookah bar.  We enjoyed a delicious mango flavored hookah, and the shisha was inside a perfectly ripe mango fruit.  It was really awesome and we had a great time hanging out together and enjoying the night!

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, John and I spent most of our day applying to jobs.  So far we don’t have many leads, but we’re staying positive and applying to anything that interests us!

Today, instead of applying, we had a very productive and fun day!  We woke up early and made our way to the DMV (woo, such fun) to get our California drivers licenses!  We were really nervous to find out upon arrival that to get our licenses, we would have to pass a written test on California driving laws.  We were both like uhhh ok, and with about 10 minutes notice, sat down with our tests.  After we finished, John and I discussed how we both thought we failed, but thankfully we each got enough of the 36 questions right to pass!  Thank goodness because we didn’t want to spend another morning in the DMV re-taking our tests!   After we both successfully passed our unexpected written tests, we received our temporary paper license and will be getting our real ones in the mail in the next few weeks.  We’re officially Californians!

After the DMV, John and I found an amazing farmer’s market while searching for the library, and purchased a plethora of delicious, homegrown, organic fruits and vegetables.  John wasn’t as enthused as I, but I’ve already started indulging myself in the healthy goodness and am munching on some fresh strawberries as I blog!

We watched the Bayern Munich vs. Barcelona soccer game this afternoon at the same bar we watched last weeks game, The Shakespeare.  We had a delicious lunch of fish and chips, and had an enjoyable time watching John’s team (Bayern Munich), beat Barcelona again, for a combined score from the two games of 7-0.  By the end of the game there weren’t any Barcelona fans left at the bar.

In addition to our busy day in San Diego, over 2,500 miles away in Buffalo, my house closing took place!  I officially sold my Buffalo house, and am no longer a property owner in western New York!  I am so pumped that it finally closed, it kept getting pushed back and delayed, so I couldn’t be happier!  Now the only reason I’ll have to go back to Buffalo is to visit my friends!  Or if the Bills ever get into the Super Bowl!

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