This past weekend John and I had an AMAZING time spent away celebrating our accomplishments with a mini AirBNB staycation.  Just a few weeks ago, we finally completed a major goal that we’d been working on almost all summer!  Since it was such a big win for us, we knew we needed to reward ourselves and do something awesome to celebrate.  Do you celebrate your wins?  If not, you should!

If I had to sum up the feeling of celebrating wins in one word, it’d be ‘awesome’.  There’s no greater feeling than knowing you worked your ass off at something and accomplished it to the greatest of your abilities.  After all your hard work, what better way to pat yourself on the back than with a celebration – believe me, those positive feelings and a mini ‘I’m awesome’ party (in the most modest way, of course), are the best rewards you can give yourself.

It may seem silly or pointless, but in actuality, it’s not.  Rewarding yourself for personal wins is really important, and will help your future goal setting down the road.  Firstly, celebrating wins reminds you of the goal you originally set for yourself and why.  You’ll certainly keep the goal and end result in mind If you know for a fact you’re going to be having a good time upon its completion!  It also keeps you motivated to work your hardest – no one wants to celebrate a personal win knowing that they half-assed it the whole time and know they could have done better.

If you’re working with a partner or a team on the goal, it encourages everyone to put in effort and work hard.  John’s team at CT Homes does this, and it gets them really pumped to be working towards common goals together.  There’s no better motivation to remain unified and on-task than knowing your efforts will directly result in achievement and celebration!  It also builds momentum – the closer you get to the end, the more you’re naturally going to want to accomplish it.

One thing that celebrating our wins has personally helped me with is the way that it forces you to concentrate on the positive versus the negative.  Yes, you may have hit a big, awful, headache of a road block today, but tomorrow and the next day, you’ll be right back at it, keeping that end goal in sight and the awesomeness that is going to result once you get there.  Looking back even now, just a few weeks later, I still get a sinking feeling in my gut just thinking about all the roadblocks we hit on our last goal.  It was honestly one of the most stressful goals we’ve had yet, and it was a hell of a time getting through it in the moment.  But you know what kept me plugging along?  The end goal and the excitement I had for our weekend away!

I think it is important to note that you should try to only celebrate accomplishments that merit a reward.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t sit back and enjoy a job well done for a moment, just saying that a weekend getaway in the woods isn’t an appropriate reward for a meager goal.  For instance, just because you went to the gym once, doesn’t mean you get to eat that double fudge banana split with a cherry on top as a reward.

Until I started doing it myself, I had no idea the power celebrating wins could hold.  John continually reminds me and encourages me to take a moment and celebrate my goals before moving right on to the next one.  I used to cross a goal off my list, and whether it was big or small, get started on the next one.  From years of performing this way, I can tell you – it. does. not. work.  Yes, it may seem like it’s working now, you’re a powerhouse after all, am I right?  I used to tell myself those things too.  But there’s no faster way to burn out and seem overburdened than approaching goals as if they’re a never-ending to-do list.

Thanks to John, I now try to celebrate all of my wins.  You can do it any way you like, really – think of things you love doing, and reward yourself with them!  It could be a mani/pedi, yummy dinner, ice cream sundae, day on the beach, etc.  With small wins, I merely sit back for a moment and relish in the glory – I mean, come on now, who doesn’t like basking in the rays of their own self love once in a while?  And with large wins, John and I like to treat ourselves to a nice dinner, an enjoyable experience, or, like this past weekend, even a mini-vacation!

A mini-vacation might seem extreme, but it’s really not.  Even though a weekend away is extremely rewarding, fulfilling, and rejuvenating, it does not, in fact, have to be expensive.  John and I spent less than $250 on our weekend away, and we had the most incredible time!  We found a great home on AirBNB, but there are so many sites like that these days – we’ve used others such as Homeaway, Groupon, Living Social, and more!  Look around a bit – if you’re location is flexible, I guarantee you’ll find something in your price range – the gorgeous house we stayed in was remote, had great views, three complete walls of windows, fire pit, hot tub, fire place, luxurious kitchen, and the list goes on and on.  We got a whole lot of goodness for less than one hundred bucks per night!  Additionally, since the home had a kitchen, we brought all our food along with us.  Even though we ate like kings all weekend, our food didn’t cost more than a hundred bucks, which would have been the price of just one or two dinners at a restaurant.  As you can see, you can extravagantly celebrate major wins with very little cost, so what’s stopping you?

From my personal experience, I’ve found that celebrating wins is motivating, keeps us passionate, and is incredibly rewarding.  For me, it tends to bring things full circle – I started in an excited, happy place, and I like to end in an excited, happy place.  It’s truly a beautiful thing and quite fulfilling.  So, what do you think?  Do you currently celebrate wins?  If not, are you going to make some changes in your goal setting practice so that you do?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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