This week has been exciting and eventful to say the least, and just a wee bit stressful.  John and I made some big moves in regards to our housing!  We have been keeping our eye on an apartment called AVA Cortez Hill in downtown San Diego.  Check out the website, the complex is super sweet – AMAZING gym, gorgeous pool, hangout areas, young crowd, balconies in every apartment, etc. We’ve been waiting for an apartment to come up that was within our price range, but as time elapsed, we realized that our price range was pretty unrealistic for living in downtown San Diego.  Soooo, when a penthouse studio became available for a bit more than our comfortable price range, we decided to just go for it!  We put down our deposit yesterday and are moving in on August 10!  We are going to be living on the 15th floor – TOP FLOOR PENTHOUSE STUDIO!!  YES!  The above pic is supposedly our future view!  We are soooo excited!  As soon as we stopped debating about whether or not it was too expensive and just went for it and put down the deposit, our attitudes went from stressed to PUMPED!  We figured everything’s been falling right into place for us so far, so why not go with our gut for this, too.  We’ll see what happens, but starting August 10, John and I will be living large for a year in our newly named “Penthouse Penthouse” apartment (those of you who watch Workaholics will know the reference). (Below pics of our new complex taken from their website)

In other news, I had my first two events at DT this week on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was super stressful to have two events back to back, but everything worked out and the events were a smashing success!  Tuesday’s event was a part of San Diego tech week, called “Tech Crawl” where two groups of thirty people walked from tech office to tech office in downtown San Diego, and at each stop they were given a short talk, tour, and a taster of a San Diego Micro brew.  At DT though, we like to do things differently.  Go above and beyond so people remember us.  People are definitely going to remember us from our event!  Upon entering our building, the crawlers were given small little sombreros, offered a full beer, and tequila shots with limes and salt.  Oh, and to top it all off, we even had a Mariachi band!  The event was amazing, everyone had such a great time, and I heard “this is the best stop on the crawl!!” dozens of times!  Huge success and so much fun!

Wednesday’s event was a bit more low-key, but still fun and a lot of prep work.  As another one of San Diego Tech Week’s events, about one-hundred people joined us at our office for something called Ignite.  A forum where speakers talk for only five minutes, and have to cater their talk to coincide with a slideshow of 20 slides that transition every 15 seconds.  It’s quite a challenge for speakers and interesting to watch for the audience.  There were some really great talks, and Wednesday was another great success.

Today at work I’ve been loving every minute, as it’s like a breath of fresh area after scrambling like a crazy woman for these events the first half of the week.  Can’t wait to be home from work before 10pm tonight, too! :-)  Oh, and on a side note, tomorrow is John and my three year anniversary.  Awwwww

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