Similar to creating a disguised litter box and building a cat hammock instead of purchasing a cat tree, John and I once again didn’t want to have an obvious cat item in our apartment – this time a scratching post.  So I thought a wall-mounted scratching area would be the ideal solution!

The Build

John and I first scoped out a spot for our mounted wall post and decided on an area in the corner that was already blocked from eyesight with a set of decorative sticks from IKEA.  Once we had our spot picked out, the rest was pretty easy (and inexpensive)!

We took a trip to Home Depot and purchased some basics that we needed for the scratching post.  We purchased a small piece of wood (roughly 36″x18″x.5″), small area rug (the one we chose had a flexible rubber backing similar to those on bath mats), staples for my staple gun, tacky glue, small nails, and a set of 4 screws and anchors.

When we got back to the apartment, the assembly was pretty straight forward.  I laid the rug on the floor, with the rubber backing facing up.  I spread tacky glue around the area that would be pressed up against the wood, and then I laid the piece of wood down in the center of the rug.

Then, I merely folded the rug around the piece of wood, stapling it down every few inches, ensuring that the front was pulled taught and was wrinkle-free.  The corners ended up being a bit too bulky with the folded layers of carpet, so I just trimmed a small square of carpet off of each corner so the folds would lay flatter against the back of the piece of wood.  For the areas of carpet that were too thick for staples (i.e. the corner areas where there were two layers of carpet), i just used small 1-inch nails to ensure that the carpet was totally secure in all areas.

Once the carpet was stapled/nailed down around all 4 sides of the board, I let the entire piece settle overnight face-down on the floor so that the glue could totally dry before mounting to the wall.  After drying for the night, John and I mounted it to the wall.  It was super easy to do – I simply held it in the spot we wanted it to go and John drilled holes through the wood and into the wall.  When we had drilled the four holes, one in each corner of the wood, we took the piece of wood away from the wall and the four holes that we had made in the wall were our markers for the anchors!  So easy!

We drilled the holes in the wall a bit deeper so that they would fit the anchors we had purchased.  Then, we put the anchors into the wall, screwed the piece of wood into the anchors, and voila! A mounted scratching post!  Check out the pictures, you can barely even see it behind our decorative sticks!

Why This Project Rocks

Firstly, you can make a custom wall-mounted scratching post that matches the color and decor of your apartment!  They sell small area rugs in a variety of patterns, colors, and even textures.  We chose a navy rug for our mounted post because it fit right in with our current decor and color scheme.

Another great perk to this project is the cost – I spent less than $20 creating my post – and parts of it can even be reused for the next one!  Now that I have the piece of wood and supplies needed, when the rug gets worn out from Boots scratching it, all I’ll have to do is rip the current rug off, purchase another, and install it the same way as the first.  Super easy and like I said, cheap!

Lastly, the true beauty of this project is how discreet it can be in a room.  If you are like myself and John, where we live and sleep and eat in the same one room, you don’t want a large cat scratching post cluttering up square footage.  A mounted scratching post like ours could be used in virtually any room – even a hallway, closet, or discreet bathroom.  It can be mounted on any area that your cat can reach – and if you were to choose a colorful, patterned rug, it may even look like an art piece!


So far Boots absolutely loves this mounted scratching area.  He hasn’t scratched anything else in our whole apartment except for this one area.  It is ideal because no one even notices it in the corner until they see Boots going at it!  And it matches our apartment decor and color scheme!  What’s not to love?

What do you think?  Is this a project you might be interested in making for your own cat?  Have you created something similar?  Let me know in the comments below!

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