Yesterday John and I were able to catch of few hours of sun at the beach, and it was great to just relax for a little.  We’ve been so busy trying to get our apartment complete, we haven’t taken time for a beach day in a while!

John and I had a really busy past week getting nearly completely settled into the Penthouse Penthouse!  We finally found a couch(!!!) – it’s perfect, gray, leather and wasn’t too expensive.  Really brings the room together!  We bought some other big ticket items, too, like some decorations, the rug, and John’s DJ stand.  The apartment finally feels like home and we’re pretty much done spending money, which is a relief! We bought a really cute bistro set on clearance for only $130, so we’ve been sitting on our balcony a lot more now.  It’s amazing to be able to eat every meal outside if we wanted to, and we can’t get over how amazing the view is!  Anyways, hope you enjoy these pics of the past week and the photos of our apartment as it starts coming together!

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