Hello everyone!  I know you’ve all been desperately waiting to see this blog post, where we turned a plain, boring Ikea Expedit shelving unit into something spectacular!!

Here’s how we did it:

We started out by sanding the shelving unit down, inside the cubes and out.  We wanted to make sure the primer and paint was going to stick well.

Next came the primer – inside corners first, followed by more primer.  And the next step is where it gets exciting!

First coat of paint, wooo! Starting to look good!

After the second coat of paint, we added legs!  Looks sharp, but not done yet!

We purchased white inserts from Ikea.

Aaaaand, the final product!!!  Looks so amazing!

And it’s hard to tell from the pic, but now we have an accent piece that is the same exact color as our apartment’s accent wall!  Wooohooo DIY projects are the best!

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